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Hiya, im Looking for some Friends =)


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Hiya all, im a lil new to the forum posts, as you can see i havnt posted much, and most of them i did today lolz.


anyway, im in need of some help a bit. I dont know how to add peeps to my buddy list, and on top of that i dont have any friends on here =(.


So if you wanna be my friend, here are some of my perks and quirks =)).


Im 19, 5'6'', 120 lbs, short black hair, no bangs, green eyes, i love music, anything with a great beat (techno, classic rock, r & b, a little rap, not alot, heavy metal, and some country), i loooove anime and manga, my favorite is naruto and bleach ( i just saw the movie last night!!!! =)), im fun and a little crazy, cuz you cant just have a normal person anymore =P.


So hey post if you wanna help me out and/or be my friend.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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