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WEll this is my deck, i just want to know what you people think of it, i havent played for a long, long, long time, lets just say i was in early 8th grade when i last played, and now i'm finishing up 10th grade. So i'm not sure how effective it is anymore and how good it is and all that stuff lol, anyway here we go.


Monsters: 21

Ultimate Obedient Fiend x1

Kaiser Sea Horse x1

Hayabusa Knight x1

Great Angus x1

7 colored fish x1

Dark Sage x1

Summoned Skull x1

Nin-Ken Dog x1

Aqua Madoor x1

Time Wizard x1

Mask of Darkness x1

Blindly Loyal Goblin x1

Harpie's Brother x1

Celtic Guardian x1

Teva x1

Labyrinth Wall x1

Slifer The Sky Dragon x1

Blue-Eyes White Dragon x2

Dark Magician x2


Traps: 6

Time Seal x1

Gift of The Mystical Elf x1

Waboku x1

Trap Hole x3


Magic: 20

Tribute to The Doomed x1

Horn of The Unicorn x1

Axe of Despair x1

Dark Hole x1

Sword of Dark Destruction x1

Soul Exchange x1

Tremendous Fire x1

Convulsion of Nature x1

Confiscation x1

Final Countdown x1

Remove Trap x1

Change of Heart x1

Ekibyo Drakmord x1

Ancient Telescope x1

Banner of Courage x1

Autonomous Action Unit x1

Fissure x2

Ground Collapse x2


Again this was a long time ago, i mostly posted this cuz i was bored and i figured i'd type it out to pass time by.

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