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lock, i hate the insults


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I haven't got enough time for checking my deck over so please point out what cards are banned or limited, etc. Believe it or not, this deck has won me my every battle.



Gilford the Lightning

Chthonian Emperor Dragon


Five-Headed Dragon

Weather Report

Darkblaze Dragon


The Calculator

Phantom of Chaos

Arcana Force XVIII - The Moon

Mystic Tomato

Regenerating Rose

Destiny Hero - Defender

Jowls of Dark Demise

Arcana Force IV - The Emperor

Banisher of Radiance

Arcana Force 0 - The Fool

Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

Uria, Lord of Shearing Flames

Arcana Force VI - The Lovers


Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy

Evil Hero Infernal Gainer

Evil Hero Malicious Edge

Skull-Mark Ladybug

Ultimate Obedient Fiend

Arcana Force III - The Empress


Deal of Phantom

Hate Buster

Rising Energy

Negate Attack

Magical Arm Shield

Feather Wind

Magic Cyclinder

Magic Cyclinder

Magic Cyclinder

Magical Explosion

Self-Destruct Button

Draining Shield

Draining Shield

Draining Shield

Enchanted Javelin

Dust Tornado

Ultimate Offering

Zoma the Spirit

Sakuretsu Armor

Sakuretsu Armor

Dark Illusion


Big Bang Shot

Double Attack

Monster Reborn

Convulsion of Nature


Mirage Tube

Shield & Sword

Card Shuffle

Heavy Storm

Axe of Despair

Axe of Despair

Hammer Shot

Tribute to the Doomed

Change of Heart

Change of Heart


Mystical Space Tyhoon

Vicious Claw

Lightning Vortex

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Ultimate Obedient Fiend




On topic: Your deck is illegal, except I'm too lazy to type in the banned cards so I will let you do it.


If you are too lazy to check the Ban List, why would you waste time writing out each card? For example instead of writing Draining Shield three times, why not put Draining Shield x3 or something similar to that.


Your deck is bad because it runs too many cards in 1's. This ruins any consistency you may think you have. Too many random cards and Ultimate Obedient Fiend is pro.

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6. Flaming


Yes' date=' this is one of the general site rules, but because of recent disputes over what constitutes flaming, I feel that it should be defined here in more detail.


"Flaming" is a direct insult to a person. Example: "You are an idiot".


Speaking ill of a person's deck is not considered flaming. For example, "this deck sucks" is perfectly acceptable.


Speaking ill of a person's recommendations is also not considered flaming. For example, "your suggestions suck" is perfectly acceptable.


Speaking ill of a person's playing ability is generally not considered flaming. For example, "you suck at this game" or "learn to play" are perfectly acceptable. However, this can become flaming if done improperly; for example, "only an idiot could be this bad at this game" would be considered flaming.


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Stop saying stuff like that' date=' if you lived around here then you will be scared of my deck because you can't defeat it





Seriously, your deck sucks.


What's the theme?

What's the victory conditions?


Besides, if you think your deck is o so great, why did you bother to post it in the first place? This place is gain advice from other people, not to show off you're 68 card deck that has three Magic Cyclinders and 2 Change of Hearts. This deck is even illegal in Trad. format.


EDIT: Since your lazy to search the banlist for yourself: http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/yugioh/en/gameplay/forbidden/advanced_current_new.aspx

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How about if you guys don't have any comments that could help him "improve" the deck as you believe' date=' how about you guys don't reply....instead of insulting him.



Oh? If you think you can improve this deck, then give him advice then?


This deck is lost behind hope.


There is no theme

There is no victory condition

Banned cards or limited cards that are run in 3.

68 cards. 68 CARDS!!!


I dare you to improve this deck.

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