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[SHP] *Monohawks PokeSplice Shop* Plus other Merchandise OPEN!!! NEW ITEMS!!! REOPENING


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Here at Monohawks Poke splice shop we will do any kind of poke splice order you need. Poke splices are listed below. We also sell Trainer cards and you can also get your splice in it. Now get a splice pokeball for your pokesplice plus a Trainer card splice. Also order some random badge for you. Tell us what should it be like a flower, rock, or any other kind of badge you want, and we'll do are best.Now get a Avatar animation with your poke splice in it. Now you can get animated banners. Also Animated Poke Splice Cards.



Poke Splice: No charge

Trainer Card: 3 points

Poke Ball Splice: 1 points

Trainer Card Splice: 4 points

Custome Badge: 2 points

Pokemon Avatar Animation: 1 Points

Pokemon Banner: 3 points

Animation PokeBall Splice: 2 points

Pokemon Banner Animation: 4 points

Trainer Card Splice Animation: 5 points

Poke Splice Shiny: 2 point NEW!!!

Trainer Card Shiny:4 points NEW!!!

Poke Ball Splice Shiny: 2 points NEW!!!

Trainer Card Splice Shiny: 5 points NEW!!!

Custome Badge Shiny: 3 points NEW!!!

Pokemon Avatar Animation Shiny: 2 Points NEW!!!

Pokemon Banner Shiny: 4 points NEW!!!

Animation PokeBall Splice Shiny: 3 points NEW!!!

Pokemon Banner Animation Shiny: 5 points NEW!!!

Trainer Card Splice Animation Shiny: 6 points NEW!!!



Customers that ask a employee or me to make something, the employee will gain the points. More job openings will come next month. Ask any of the employes or me to make you a splice or trainer card or anything.





1: Mikaeo

2: Mew 101

3: Psychic Storm






[spoiler=People requests]





[spoiler=Waiting list]









[spoiler=Satistfied customers]

1. Griffinsusername








So come get your poke splices today.

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Employee Rules



Rule 1: Any questions about this job ask me or anyone that might know. Its Important to KNOW what you need to know about the shop


Rule 2: No spamming customers. If spamming is found that employee will be fired.


Rule 3: Respect the customers. Without the customers this shop will close down for good.


Customer Rules



Rule 1: No spamming, or it will be repoted.


Rule 2: Respect our employee's, for they are what keep this shop in business


Rule 3: Order anything you wish. Even contribute some Ideas to the shop so we can give you what you need. But must be on topic of pokemon though like pokemon banners or something.

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