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Max's Uber Animation Gallery


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since no one has commented these yet. i guess ill break the ice. there really good.

first one: Needs some work the card lookes to woboly. work is need to be done but not horrible. 7/10 (also seen it way to much)

2nd one: nicely done worked on ur woboly. kinda lags a tiny but but no big deal i think its my computer not the gif. 8.5/10 (something new)

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here's the lag reason.


to many frames in one screen...


try viewing them in seperate screens, it lags less






At time of TotalObelisk, these were 1000 a piece, back then, points were worth aprox. $0.04 a piece, now they have indefinitely increased.


I reckon these to be about 2500-3000 points a piece.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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