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Pokemon Splice Battlers club!!!


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Welcome Pokesplice Fans. Here you can battle people with your splice. Battle you friends splices.A spinner in witch i keep spins and land on a certian tile. Four tiles, 2 for red and 2 for green. Youll also encounter ones in the wild, by telling me by hunting poke splices. As you win your ranks go up.



protoman527799 (Begginer Battler 0 wins)

legolover09 (Begginer Battler 1 wins)

Phsychic Storm (Begginer Battler 0 wins)







Beginner Battler:0-20 Wins

Intermediate Battler: 21-50 Wins

Expert Battler: 51-100 Wins

Legendary battler: 101-200 Wins


Just ask me if you want to battle with some one.


People who get to Intermediate battler can be gym leaders.

Those who get to Expert battler can be the one of the Elite four.

Those who past the Elite four can be name the champoin.

In the future we will have 8 gym leader and 4 Elites battlers. For now battle each other out in battles.


Gym Leaders:


Elite Four: protoman527799 for now


Hope you join.


Come visit my store to. Some good Items are just waiting to be bought.


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All you got to do is have the require ments. The eraser, and the pick color button on the tool box. Click the the Pick color button then left click the clor you want to replace. then click it again and then right click the clor you want to replace it with.

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