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Defensive burn deck, needs MAJOR HELP


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okay, as the title suggests i need major help with this deck.


it is only an idea, and a lot of cards i want to use come out in The Duelist Genesis. Keep that in mind


I may be good at fan fic, and making up my own cards, but building a deck is what i am bad at.


i just ask one thing, please do not be rude. ^_^


here is the deck:

tribute/level 5 higher... 3x

1| Airknight Parshath

1| Gaurdian of Order

1| Cyber Dragon


level 4 lower... 20x

3| Shining Angel

3| Mental Protector

3| Destiny Hero - Defender

3| shield warrior

2| DUCKER Mobile Cannon

2| Golden Lady Bug

2| Cyber Valley

2| Arcana Force 0 - The Fool



2| Ookazi

3| Poison of the old man

3| misfortune

2| meteor of destruction

1| Wave motion cannon




2| Guard Block

2| Broken Blocker

2| Hallowed Life barrier

2| Ceasefire

1| ojama trio

total: 43.



please suggest to add / delete cards at will, just do it politely or to-the-point.


and please dont tell me it sucks, i know that. if it didnt, i wouldnt post it here. ^_^

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Well we share a common similarity with being bad with decks. However some advice I can give you is cut it to 40 cards.


okay, well what should i cut?


valley and airknight will both serve as draw cards, so drawing wont be a problem... not really.

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hm.. maybe this:

-1 Ookazi

+1 Wave Motion Cannon


-1 Guard Block

+1 Ojama Trio

I'm no expert though....


alright, sounds good to me. ^_^


i must have forgetten the effect of WMC, but now i remember. ^_^


anyone else care to help?

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If you want a stall/burn you have to totally revamp this deck' date=' if you want, I'll find a skeleton for a stall burn, but it won't look remotely like the current build.



alright, well what would you suggest? ^_^


i just have a good system with the defense monsters, and i thought a good way to try and win would be with some burn cards...


but as i said, i am no good with building decks. so im up for opinions.

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If your looking for something to deal your opponent damage each turn you could use a Eye of Truth and Bad Reaction to Sumachi. You can see their hand and if they have a spell card they take 1000 damage (and any Life Point increase they try to get becomes damage). The only thing that would make this combo better is to lock down their spell cards so they can't play them.

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Maybe I should add in some gift card traps w/ reaction so I can defend while dealing damage that is supposed to be helping them.... ^_^


Any suggestions for how to draw said cards? Maybe cystal seer?

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Nurse Burn is slow.





3x Lava Golem


3x Des Koala

3x Fire Trooper

3x DHERO-Defender

1x Sangan

3x Shining Angel

1x Marshmallon

1x Spirit Reaper

3x The FOOL




3x Messenger of Peace

3x WMC

1x Heavy

1x Monster Reborn

1x MST

1x Premmy



3x Just Desserts

3x Secret Barrel

1x Gravity Bind

1x Ojama Trio



Rough build. Threw it together in 5 minutes.

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alright, thanks for that. ^_^


But do you know the effect of mental protector?


It makes it so that all monster with 2000 ATK or less cannot attack, just for a cost of 500 LP each turn.... That's why I wanted him, and shining angel helped get him to the field. ^_^

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well, yeah. I agree with you there...


But why not have both? It'll work out to get a better defense with mental protector, because 2000 ATK or less cannot attack.


That means that your opponent would have to tribute to get monsters strong enough to attack, which could help. ^_^

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i dont know if youve changed it but you appear to have two ceasefires in your main deck...ceasefire is limited to 1 last time i checked...maybe you could swap the second one for a chain strike...i would lose the misfortunes for secret barrels...but if your going to run as many traps as that might put you up to just make sure youve got some jinzo hate.

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