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Back With A Vengence Mini-Set


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Lo Psych Fuori il Vendicatore (A.K.A Psych Out Avenger)


My Returning Card Please Enjoy!




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[spoiler=Effect] This Card Cannot Be Selected As A Attack Target By Aqua-Type Monsters. If A Aqua Type Monster Is Normal Summoned, Special Summoned, Or Flip Summoned On Eithier Player's Side Of The Field, That Card Is Automatically Destroyed And The Owner Of The Destroyed Card Loses 3000 Life Points.











Il vendetta-guerriero Di Satana




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[spoiler=Effect] This monster dwells deep down within the earth's crust. He serves the almighty lord Satan for he hopes that one day, he too will rule the underworld throne.






L'opale Di Satana




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[spoiler=Effect] This card is used to Ritual Summon "Il satana-diavolo Della Carne". You must tribute monsters equal or above to 11 stars.









Il satana-diavolo Della Carne




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[spoiler=Effect] This card can only be summoned using the ritual card, "Opal Of Satan". You must tribute monsters equal to or above 11 stars. This card is uneffected by Trap cards, Spell cards, And Monster Cards.

Every turn You and Your Opponent must pay 2000 Life Points (Not Optional For The Opponent). If You choose not to pay then you must flip three coins (Not Optional) and if two of them land on heads, You Lose, If two of them land on tail, You Win.


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