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My new card


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Not cool. It doesn't seem to fit in any deck, or just about any strategy... But if it does, survive then its pretty unstoppable.


It takes 2 attacks (2 turns, basically) before the card poses any real threat in battle. If the card survives through that, though, then its a sure-fire heavy weapon. 3000 ATK is hard to beat, and if it increases every turn, this card is a major beatdown engine *aggro*. Not only that, when its destroyed (regardless of where it's sent) you can summon it again with the same attack power *perfect circle* or you can deal damage to your opponent equal to the cards ATK when it was destroyed *burn*.


The card takes 3 tributes. Then it takes 2 attacks. It almost seems like the card isn't worth the time.


However, it can come back again and again (at the price of 3000 LP, but if you were going to eventually get a card with more than 3000 ATK that could deal burn damage=ATK, you'd pay the cost at least once), meaning those 2 attacks could happen easy. If that's not enough, the card is perfect circle, supreme aggro, and uber burn all wrapped up together without a major downside effect... too strong. period.

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