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Death Note Cards


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... ^^; nice to see another Death Note card maker *thumbs up


good images, tho i would perfer it if the image of "death note" was from the anime. meh.

besides that, i would say : Good effort. Everything is well done except for a few OCG errors, but in all, it's acceptable :D but, review your grammar and your OCG ( you're missing a few periods and a few words are badly capitalized).


ps : try to give your cards more powerful effects since your cards are quite underpowered. ^^;


8.5/ 10 *good job and keep the effort


btw, apple should be a continuous card.

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Guest setojim

hmmmmm....i am a death note fan and these actually look good. i like the death note card. however, the "death note" card needs to be continuous, as well as "apple".


i actually like the way the cards work. kira needs more power...


ryuk is actually nice....should destroy instead, or return to bottom of deck....




PS: Perfect World and the picture sound and look in perfect synch

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