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Hiita Control

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Yep, another charmer deck, but this time based around Hiita



Lava Golem x3

UFO turtle x3

Hiita the Fire Charmer

Masked Dragon x3

Raging Flame Sprite

Sangan x1



Book of Taiyou x3

Brain Control x1

Creature Swap x3

Foolish Burial x2

Giant Trunade x1

Heavy Storm x1

Level Limit - Area B x1

Messenger of Peace x3

MST x1

Swords of Revealing Light x1

The Shallow Grave x2



Gravity Bind x1

Mirror Force

Solemn Judgment x3

Torrential Tribute x1


Victory Condition:

Use Lava Golem to Tribute 2 of your opponent's monsters, then use Hiita or Creature Swap to take control of Lava Golem.


When all fails, use Raging Flame Sprite as alternate victory condition.


Problem: Too slow.


Fixes are nice.

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