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Faher's Day Tribute Card AKA my 2500th post


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This card is a tribute to my beloved father.

Disclaimer from Raviel: I don't own the picture.You can thank ahemmy on of DA.





Trivia from Raviel: This card is based on my dad's earliest job: an accountant.

He's now a financial controller on the regional basis.


Post Count:This is also my 2500th post.

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Good for your old man! ^^

congratz on post count!

The card...



All Monsters on your side of the field gains ATK points equal to their level. this card automaticly has 2200 ATK.

Also or and not &, another twist, you don't need to pay for card effects!


Middle section- now that it has died you can discard 1 card from your hand to decrease levels by 2...great 1 tribute for several powerful Monsters, and since it doesn't say "Once per turn..." you can activate as much as you want...



To me it's a great card but it would be limited or banned right away...6/10

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