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My New Demon Cards! (last topic didn't get any visits)


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Okay; For your ritual monster, you'd want to add "as a tribute" to "from your side of the field." I think. >_>.

Also, instead of "this battle phase" I believe it's "during the same battle phase" With capital's inserted where necessary. Oh, almost missed it.

Your spelling of except: exept. Correct: except.

But in all honesty..

A) You've picked a heavily used type of card, being demonic. The unoriginality factor shines out any shine your cards could of produced. Demons, are, dare I say, more over-made than dragons.

B) Your effect is hardly original, and overpowering, since all decks are theme based; and hey, combine this with a bit of raviel magic, and you've got an insta-win. (since both can be special summoned, it's rather easy.)

Oh yeah, It's not "offering one card from your hand", It's "discarding one card from your hand."

As with all my corrections, I'm not 100% accurate..

But oh well ^__^.



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