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Vayra The Light Illuminator


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Your OCG plays a weird role.

Personally; Under first impression, your rather need-of-improvement OCG made me think your card was overpowered. However, It's quality misconception. So, just pick up on a few things, and your set ^^).

I don't really advise on OCG though, since I'm not a wiz myself.

80% of the rest of the Yu-Gi-Oh card maker population are; however, So I'm sure you'll find help somewhere.

But, a few things, first; In the name, you just need to put a comma between Vayra, and the rest. =].

Also, possibly make the card rare? the gold tint should suit the card more-so than the dull black. =D.

And.. maybe make it three stars? I mean; if you look at ultimate baseball kid; this things under-powered.

Oh yeah, great pic bud. ^__^. Seriously.. It's pretty rare a "First-timer" can nail a pic that effectively.

Keep it up!

2sick~ =].

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