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[SHP] Free Destiny: Updated! Now added Userbars

High Definition

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[spoiler=[color=#FF0000]IMPORTANT[/color]]The Maximum points to buy items are 0 Points. I will list all the products in after this paragraph. After you order from us we give it to you by PM. If we are late then we will deduct points from the Product. And Never, NEVER, send points before you buy what ever your buying. If you do and you forgot, i'll take it once, but if you do it again i'll figure out somthing to do. If you are buying any products you must use this form to fill out for what it is you want on it.


[spoiler= The Form ]

Product Name:

# of Products i'm buying:

Writing on the product:

Image i want on the product (Use a URL Code) :



[spoiler= Items ]


PSP Backgrounds:












Holo'ed Cards:




Holo Sheets: (Comes without the "Do not copy" Water mark on it)




Desktop Backgrounds (PC Wallpapers)





[spoiler= Suggestions Made ]

None So Far



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For your Suggestions:

I suggest you take the watermark off the holo sheet. I've got alot of holo sheets without a watermark on them and sure people take them every now and then and I tell them to stop and they stop. And if they don't I PM a Mod/Super Mod. But my point is the watermark would ruin any card.

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