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lock please im not getting enough people

Silent Omega

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Ok as some of you guys know i started the battle world contests,I liked them butt i became bored of holding contests so i made an rp about battle world.So basically in here you will make your own battle world character with their own decks and stuff but you will be making the cards yep thats right that means you can use the cards you made yourself.but you got to show your card if you battled some one.heres the example of mines.

Name:Ryan Vengor

Appearance:Black hair with Black eyes and Black lather jacket also Black jeans.

Personality:Nice,Funny,but serious when battling.

Bio:I got nothing (type what i typed if you have nothing to type)


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ooc:it is like yugioh except you make your own character and you can use cards you made from ycm or use cards from real life but i will use cards i maked.plus you can summon any cards even with 8 or 12 stars except you have to fuse when summoning a fusion card.and idont care about ocg.

Ryan:Hehehe *personality changes* looks like i have someone else to battle.I summon Black Black Dragon the Wielder of Darkness!!

ocg:please post your cards stat.


Ryan:Black DRagon attack his blue euyes shining dragon!!!!

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