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the destruction of the village hidden in the sand has left the hidden leaf village crowded with homeless travellers and ninjas from the hidden sand village.across the continents the hidden shadow village led by none other than the alliance of itachi and sasuke has started the next ninja wars.Only the purity chakra can save the world.Can you find it.


now for the app



age(between 13-22)

rank(will tell you about it in a minute):

jutsu(will tell you forbidden jutsu in a minute):


biography(not too long only about a line)


ok first off ranks are rated by you star rating but though that is like vissers mine works a bit differant to level up you need to fight against a ninja team on your own.

1 star=acadamy student

2 star=genin

3 star=chuunin

4 star=jonin

5 star=ANBU

6 star= either akatsuki or sanin

7+ star=kage


forbidden jutsu




reanimation jutsu (unless taught to it by me)

reaper summoningjutsu

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