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Do these cards look like dark worlds??

destiny warrior

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i like dark worlds and i collect them, so are these guys good?? :D:D:D










ok, shouldn't it be the picture there???


how do i copy the card??


i generated picture and copied the url.


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Dark World Monsters, eh? I have actually gotten to know the quirks and dueling abilities of these unique - somewhat short-lived- cards. Hmm...


On to the ratings:


Names: (Isn't the "Dark World" archetype based on different colors? "Broww, Huntsman of Dark World", "Sillva, Warlord of Dark World" and "Gren, Tactician of Dark World" are puns of the colors Brown, Silver and Green respectively and just to name a select few. "Zure, Knight of Dark World", a Normal Monster, is a pun on Azure. Also, "Demon of Dark World"...is a little redundant on naming for all "Dark World" monsters are Fiend-Types and harbor a demonic appearance.)


Grammar: 7.0/10 (I do like most of the grammar, but there are certain errors I have spotted. Usually the term "Monster Cards" are not used too common on a card. When it comes to Effect Monsters with an effect that goes right for the throat of monsters, they simply say "monsters" rather than "Monster Cards". Also, for..."Hroww, Demon of Dark World", "Special Summon this card to the field." is simply "Special Summon it." and "If it is Special Summoned in that way," should be "If this card was Special Summoned this way,". "Dark Mirror": "Destroy the attacking monster and add this" should be "Destroy the attacking monster, then add this". "on your opponent's side of the field" is "your opponent controls". Finally, for "Domination of Dark", "You can only activate this card when" should be "Activate only when" and "from your Graveyard to your side of the field" should leave "to your side of the field" out entirely.)

---Capitalization: (Certain terms need to be capitalized. "Graveyard" is capitalized, "Spell Card", "Trap Card" and their plural forms are capitalized, even when "Spell" does not have the "Card" following. "Deck" is also capitalized. "Special Summon" and "Summon" are both capitalized. What you did get right is "card(s)" and "monster(s)" unless it is "Effect Monster", just for future reference.)

---Other Errors: (You misspelled "Dark Mirror" and, unless it was intentional, "Domination of Dark" should be either "Domination of the Dark" or "Domination of Dark World". For "Dark Mirror", "an "Dark World" monster" should be "a "Dark World" monster" and "sending it to Graveyard" should be "sending it to the Graveyard".)


Effects: 5.5/10 (Even with certain revisions, the cards you show are very overpowered and some of them are not unique. "Kerhi" and "Norgg" makes "Gren", "Kahkki" and "Reign-Beaux" seem like mere playthings. "Domination of Dark" is overly powered in the fact that if an opponent does so much as Summons a 1500 ATK + monster you completely crowd the field with potential beatsticks. "Dark Mirror" seems to be a cheaper, Counter Trap version of "Sakuretsu Armor". "Hroww's" effect is still overpowered..."


Copyrights and Set Debuts: (This won't affect your score, but I noticed the set you have the cards on is "EEN-EN", which is the booster set "Elemental Energy". Also, I do respect that you are giving credit to Kazuki Takahashi [even though you did misspell his name], but these are YOUR cards. Give yourself some credit for creating some cards/card ideas.)


Overall: 5.75/10 (I personally don't like how these came out, errors were incredibly evident and [as an unrelated issue] it didn't do so much to revive the grand name of the Dark World. If you want, though, I could definitely help you out on any future card ideas or "Dark World" cards you are planning to release. It would be my pleasure to help you if you would like.)

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they have good effects but the Magic is overpowered, and you have bad OCG and grammar errors in them... but otherwise I give it a 7-8/10


I used to have a Dark World Deck myself... pretty good... but I run Tele-Samurai now xDDDDD like 20 times faster than Dark World, but I still like Dark World for the effects of the cards and the support cards

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