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Lock please i made a double

Silent Omega

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ok so this is a digimon fanfiction.I will also edit here if there is new characters.



Ryan Blaze

He has black hair,he wears a black t shirt with blue jeans.He is 12 years old.He is an orphan who loves to rest.He is calm,nice, and funny.


Brian Fyre

He is a wild kid that loves to fight.He has blond hair,Blue t shirt and blue jeans.He is Ryan's best friend and is too and orphan.He is fierce,wild,and nice.He is 12 years old.


Darkor Blaze

He is Ryan's Missing cousin who lives in the digimon world.He has brown hair.He is also evil.He wears a black leather jacket and black jeans.He is 13 years old.


Chapter 1

The Beginning of the End

A large poor house full of orphans gloomed sadly."what are we going to do now.I'm bored!"said a spiky blond boy."Well you can at least stop whining Brian"said a calm black haired boy."Come on why don't we play some Chess."said the black haired boy."No way!!you always win Ryan!!" said the angry Blond boy."Well fine i guess we'll just do nothing then" said Ryan.As the two argued a black storm came.A white strike of lightning hit the orphan house."woah!!" said the two boys.The light went out suddenly."Let's go out!!" said Brian.Ryan nodded and the two hurried outside.The two boys then saw the giant Storm but that was not all they saw.They also saw what looked like a giant robot wolf."Oh my god!!"said brian, "I've never seen a storm that big and wait!!whats that thing flying into the storm!!"."I have no idea" said Ryan."Garuru Tomahawk!!!" screamed the unknown figure.The boys gasped in aw as a missile came out of the robot.The missile quickly came to the storm."You'll never win!!Omnimon!!!" screamed the unknown figure and then what seemed like a black dot was a warrior but with red eyes."hahahahaha,i'll kill you MetalGarurumon.Grey Sword!!!!!" screamed Omnimon.A sword came out of the warriors hand.The boys closed their eyes and heard a slash.When the boys opened their eyes they saw MetalGarurumon falling right into them.


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