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Digimon Fanfiction-Book 1 part of Chapter 6 Out

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ok so this is a digimon fanfiction.I will also edit here if there is new characters.



Ryan Blaze

He has black hair,he wears a black t shirt with blue jeans.He is 12 years old.He is an orphan who loves to rest.He is calm,nice, and funny.


Brian Fyre

He is a wild kid that loves to fight.He has blond hair,Blue t shirt and blue jeans.He is Ryan's best friend and is too and orphan.He is fierce,wild,and nice.He is 12 years old.


Darkor Blaze

He is Ryan's Missing cousin who lives in the digimon world.He has brown hair.He is also evil.He wears a black leather jacket and black jeans.He is 13 years old.Controled by Flaze but he still has his will to


Flaze fornurior

An Evil expert at Digimon Captures.He has Brown hair and a white t shirt with black pants.He is wild and fierce he is evil and is the boss of Darkor.


Chapter 1

The Beginning of the End


A large poor house full of orphans gloomed sadly.


"what are we going to do now.I'm bored!"said a spiky blond boy.


"Well you can at least stop whining Brian"said a calm black haired boy."Come on why don't we play some Chess."said the black haired boy.


"No way!!you always win Ryan!!" said the angry Blond boy.


"Well fine i guess we'll just do nothing then" said Ryan.As the two argued a black storm came.A white strike of lightning hit the orphan house.


"woah!!" said the two boys.The light went out suddenly."Let's go out!!" said Brian.Ryan nodded and the two hurried outside.The two boys then saw the giant Storm but that was not all they saw.They also saw what looked like a giant robot wolf.


"Oh my god!!"said brian, "I've never seen a storm that big and wait!!whats that thing flying into the storm!!".


"I have no idea" said Ryan.


"Garuru Tomahawk!!!" screamed the unknown figure.The boys gasped in aw as a missile came out of the robot.The missile quickly came to the storm.


"You'll never win!!Omnimon!!!" screamed the unknown figure and then what seemed like a black dot was a warrior but with red eyes.


"hahahahaha,i'll kill you MetalGarurumon.Grey Sword!!!!!" screamed Omnimon.A sword came out of the warriors hand.The boys closed their eyes and heard a slash.When the boys opened their eyes they saw MetalGarurumon falling right into them.


Chapter 2



The boys then quickly acted and ran away from the spot.A crash then was heard at the ground.


"What is that thing" said Ryan.


"I don't know" said brian."I think this thing is a robot" said brian.


"nice job captain obvious" said ryan.


"hey at least i'm doing something!!" said brian angrily,"Besides this thing is weird looks like a wolf".


"Move over humans!"said Omnimon.The boys looked like they were about to examine him.As Omnimon showed his cannon he said "Die you Rebel welp."


"No!!" screamed Ryan,"Don't kill him!".


"What did you say human!"said Omnimon."I- i i said don't kill him...please"Said Ryan sounding scared.


"Alright,fine i'll leave him alone for now.Hahahahahahah!!"Omnimon then flied away.As the Storm went away the calm land went back.Flowers grew and birds chirped.The boys stared at the body of Metalgarurumon.


"T-t-thank you "said Metalgarurumon.A bright light flashed from Metalgarurumon and Metalgarurumon then changed into a a light brown fur circle shaped monster with a horn on the top of his head.A few hours later.


"urrgghh,yawn,hey where am i??" said the little monster.


"Metalgarurumon what happened to you."said brian.


"wait did Omnimon beat me??" asked the little monster.


"uhh yeah he did.why what happens if he beats you." asked Ryan.


"Oh no!!" said the little monster.The little monster then looked in a mirror.


"Damn i've changed back to a Tsunomon!!" said Tsunomon angrily.


"Wait oh no if he beat me that means i didn't succeed in stopping the gate." said Tsunomon looking scared.


"Whats wrong?And what is this gate anyway." asked brian.


"this gate is called the digital gate,and if Omnimon opened it then that means it's The End of the world."said Tsunimon.


Chapter 3

Family Reunion


"Oh man i can't believe this how can i lose!!" complained Tsunomon.


"Well it's not like you're invincible or something." said Ryan.


"Well i don't care i wanted to beat that little bastard!!" shouted Tsunomon.


"Oh come on you were cool while you were Metalgarurumon but now that you're a Tsunomon you've become a little twerp"said Bryan angrily.


"Shut up !!" shouted Tsonomon.As everybody argued what they didn't suspect is the Evil that is in the Digimon world.


(In the Digimon World.)


"Run!!" shouted Digimons."Get away you beast!!"


"Hahahahaha I will capture you all my pets"said an human.


"NO!!!!" shouted the digimons."Run away ""Please have mercy"


A dark portal then shows up behind The Human.


"How are you doing Darkor" asked an evil looking man.


"Oh I am doing fine Flaze, in fa-" Darkor was interuppted by Flaze. "Did i ask for anything else!" shouted Flaze angrily.


"uhh.. no sir, I am sorry sir." apologized Darkor."I don't need your apologies" said Flaze.


"Any way we've captured 350 Digimons today sir."said Darkor."Hmph only 350,I could do more, in fact Let me take over the controller." commanded Flaze.


"Yes sir." Said Darkor.Darkor then gives the remote controller to Flaze.A black Ring with spikes on them Goes out of the remote."Watch what I do Darkor."Said Flaze.The Ring then circles around a Digimon and seperates into two parts and capturing the Digimon by squeezing Poison out.


A wide Grin comes into Flaze's mouth.


"Darkor can you go out for a little visit today" asked Flaze."I need you to go to the Blaze's house."


A chill goes through Darkor''s spine."You mean you want me to.... meet my brother."asked Darkor.


"yes.That is right I want you to see if he wants to work for me." said Flaze.


"Ok sir.I will go."Said Darkor.Darkor then goes through another dark portal and appears at the Orphanage.


"Ok Darkor come on you can do this." Said Darkor to himself.Darkor now walks through the Orphanage and finds his brother which he doesn't know."Uhh Excuse me Sir" asked Darkor politely.


"what is it" replied Ryan.""Uhhh I am looking for a Ryan Blaze here."said Darkor."uhh. yes that is me." said Ryan. Darkor gasped and hugged his brother."uurgh ouch.why are you hugging me?"asked Ryan looking like he is going to go unconcscious."Because I'm your brother.I'm Darkor Blaze" explained Darkor.Ryan gasps and cheerfully hugs his brother back.


Chapter 4


"Any way brother i have come here for a message." said Darkor."It's kind of hard to explain it but see theres these things called Digimons."


"You mean Digital Monsters" said Ryan.


"uhh. yes how did you know." asked Darkor


"Tsunomon told me all about it." explained Ryan.Darkor gasped.


"Do you mean the Tsunomon which degenarated from Metalgarurumon." said Darkor frantically.


"uhh Yeah, how did you know about him" asked Ryan"Well see my Omnimon kind of was the one that knocked him." said Darkor.


Ryan gasped."Well uhh at least it's not like he's your digimon so you don't need to worry about him right" said Darkor."Actually he is my digimon.See a few hours ago my phone turned into a Digivice.""And then Tsunomon told me everything about the digivice and how you work for an evil man named Flaze."Ryan said.


"Yeah about that i want you to join us." said Darkor."Never!!" said Ryan."I'm sorry but i won't take no for an answer."Darkor then shows his digivice."Omnimon come on out!!" screamed Darkor.The winds became rough and the seas went mad."what the..." said Ryan.Omnimon shows up in front of Darkor."WHAt is i-..oh hello there didn't i meet you before.Oh wait yes i did you're the one that told me not to kill him." said Omnimon.


"Yeah I was...Anyway let's fight then Darkor." said Ryan."With what you don't have no digimon." said Darkor."OH yes i do...Come on out Tsunomon!!!!" shouted Ryan.Tsunomon showed up."ME against him are you serious hahahaha!" laughed Omnimon."Tsunomon Digivolve!!" shouted Ryan.His Digivice appeared and it said Digivolution."Tsunomon Warp Digivolve to Metalgarurumon!!" shouted Metalgarurumon.


"Wait!!!!let me fight him!!" shouted another digimon.Everybody except Ryan gasped."Who are you?" asked Ryan."Me my friend I am Alphamon." said Alphamon.


Chapter 5


"Omnimon,can you still fight me?" asked Alphamon."O-o-of c-c-course i can." replied Omnimon Scaredly.


"Then let's fight, prepare yourself Omnimon." said Alphamon calmly."GRRRRRR take this,Omega Blaster!!!!" shouted Omnimon.


The Blast then hits Alphamon leaving smoke everywhere.Everyone coughed.As the smoke clears up Alphamon looks as if he wasn't hit at all.


"Woah!!Not even a scratch!!" exclaimed Ryan.Brian walks in."Hey whats-, What the heck is going on here?" asked Brian."A show" said Darkor.


"Omnimon!!You have to do better than that.Holy Sword Gradalpha!!!" shouted Alphamon.A sword came within a portal and went to Alphamon's hand."Now,This is an attack! shouted Alphamon again.


Alphamon and Omnimon fights.With Such amazing swordplay they both are a beam of light.In the end Alphamon stabbed Omnimon in the stomach.


"That's how you fight." said Alphamon."No!!Omnimon" screamed Darkor."Don't worry, he's only been reformed back to an Agumon." said Alphamon."Now I believe the world is in danger." said Alphamon.


"Uhhh, oh yeah." said Ryan."wow you're so cool" said Brian looking at Aplhamon with delight.


A bright flash of light appeared.A dark figure appears and claps."Well done,well done Alphamon" said the unknown figure."Uhh who's he?? asked Brian.


"Master!!" said Darkor.The dark figure comes closer and shows his face,it was Flaze."Hahahahahahahahahahah!!!" shouted Flaze.


Chapter 6

X-antibody rebel

The Digital forest turns dark the sun hides and the moon shows itself."GRRRRRRRR MY people have suffered enough of this DexDoruguremon!!" shouted a digimon."We Fight only to please our master" says the one called Dexdoruguremon in a hypnotized voice.The whimpers of Gizamons can be heard."Stop this right now!!" shouted again by the unknown digimon."Relax metalgreymon(virus)" said Dexdoruguremon in a hypnotized calm voice."No this time we fight!!" said Metal greymon.


"Giga destroyer!!" shouted metalgreymon.


"Metal meteor" shouts Dexdoruguremon.


The large missile easily gets destroyed by the meteor.


The meteor then hits metalgreymon."Oughh" said Metalgreymon in an Hurt tone.


"Oh no!!" shouted the Gizamon.

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