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lock please, i accidentily posted this twice somehow


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okay since the first one was confusing, i will start a new one making all other contestants autoumatically entered. 16 people must enter befor this can start

The rules are

1. no cussing

2. no spamming

3. nothing innapropriate

4. please pm me any cards you are willing to enter

5. if you enter, you must pm me a new card every time there is a new round

6. If you are eliminated, you cant pm me a new card okay

7. have fun



1st place gets 20 points and a possitive rep

2nd place gets 10 points

3rd place will be decided by the losers of the semi finals send me a new card, the winner of that gets a posiive rep

i will post a ne thread when all entries are decided and a bracket will be selected

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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