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(RP) love and let live - accepting -


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Rp: in anime style =)


plot: preistess-(me) and warriors head out on a trecherous journey across the world of scyro to find the angel sacura. but preistess miaka is under threat against the evil preistess yui and her gaurdian who are set out to kill miaka and her protectors. ( the people who are most important in the role play)


Soz ppl if i sound really like - it`s all about me - but this role play is based on a book i read and i loved the charater miaka ( i know all about her) and thats why i really wanted to be her!




miaka: taken-valicety

taka: taken-liam95 --taka and tama both fall in love with miaka but at the end taka kills miaka out of jelousy and rage because miaka ends up loving tama. ( in between begining and end it is free to be a flowing rp_have fun =])

tama: taken-Fenrir's Herald

yuka (girl): taken-PremierAameer

nami(healer): taken-kylarnatia`s soul

rojami: taken-Final Fantasy Revolution


everyone is a boy except miaka and yuka. ( everyone is a warrior except miaka(everyone is a protector of miaka) )




miaka: doesnt really have power just a preistess.

taka: taka and tama are both the same people just that taka is the loving and caring one while tama is loveing but looses his temper easily. (taka only has power when he fuses with tama) tama has power to do lots of things excpt certain things.......

tama: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

yuka: can levatate objects and is amazing with a sword!!

nami: heals

rojami: flame master

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