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Beggining of my first set NEED RATES =)

Solar Ray

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I'm not much for fairy cards but here are the OCG errors: (From 'Frozen', up)

Fairy type = Fairy-Type

your side of the field = your field

attack/defense points = ATK/DEF

earth/water/dark/light/fire/wind = EARTH/WATER/DARK/LIGHT/FIRE/WIND

can only be summoned = can only be Special Summoned

cut in half = is halved

battle phase = Battle Phase

graveyard = Graveyard

deck = Deck

life points =Life Points

spell/trap = Spell/Trap

face up = face-up

prevent it from attacking = cannot attack


There may be more that I missed.


The pics are pretty good and the effects are as well. I would give it 7/10

Good job for a first set.

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