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The Gaza Situation


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Official YCMF Discussion Thread of the Crisis in Gaza Strip

Official YCMF Discussion Thread of the Crisis in Gaza Strip



[align=center]Hello, fellow members of the Yugioh Card Maker, and welcome to the official discussion thread of the crisis that is ongoing in the Gaza Strip. I have been encouraged to make such a thread that is both calling for support for peace on the small net communities we call "forums", not for only calling for peace "on the net" from all ages, but also to discuss and understand the large conflict that has attracted attention of every single person in the world.


It is a humanitarian crisis, and a strike of mass terror on both sides of the war, including Israel and Hamas. Whilst Israel did this as an operation for the alleged 'defense' of their country, they have taken the lives of more than 150 persons that are not connected to Hamas by military or strong ideology, and injured about more than 1,000 persons that are civilians, too. (For all the total, more than 350 Palestinians killed (including 62+ women/children) and 1,650+ people injured). That was also after a ceasefire which prohibited any food, drink or support or imported items to the Gaza Strip which caused famines and bankruptcy and also the illness of many civilians.


That was the brutal response to rockets of restraint by Hamas of blockades and cohesion of the Palestinian lands committed by Israel, although the reaction by Hamas was also a darn violent one, it is not even the quarter casualties of the Israeli war operations. And yet, that response isn't enough, according to the Israelis. They claim it to be a 'war to the bitter end' and are also planning a ground military operation 'on foot'.


Before you can discuss and claim which side you're on, you can first read the History of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the State of Israel, and also read the diplomacies that support, condemn or say nothing.[/align]


[spoiler=History of the State of Israel and the Conflicts]

British Mandate of Palestine


After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the unfair, brutal and without any reason cohesion by European forces such as France and Britain had given Britain the right to control Palestine, naming it the "British Mandate of Palestine", without asking the people of Palestine for their approval. The next that followed the British Mandate, in 1947, was the UN Partition Plan for Palestine (UNPPP), which was also without approval of Arab governments OR the people of Palestine, decided to make Palestine half for Jewish peoples and half for the Arabs (or Muslims), who are the original owners of the land since the Rashidun Conquests. This was the actual plan to part Palestine, which gave Israel more space in Palestine and was determined brutally by the Allies and the UN for Jewish peoples, without approval from other governments. The Balfour Declaration, established in 1917, before control of the British Mandate in 1920, was a dedication of Palestine to Zionist parties for alleged control of Palestine. 31 years later, the British Mandate became the State of Israel, which, on its first day, was attacked by many Arab forces as an act of restraint, a significant act by Arab Forces in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.


Israel's Early Years


In 1956, after years of cohesion and brutal war against the civilians of Palestine, the withdrawn offer from Britain to fund the Aswan Dam building and Egypt's right to claim the Suez Channel (we can see well here that Israelis conquered a country without rights, and Egypt tried to claim a channel without military to connect themselves to their own Sinai Peninsula, but the justice is great, isn't it?) was backfired by three powerful forces: France, Britain and the so-called Israel. Although Egypt was a strong power as well, along with Jamal Abdul-Nasser as the president, they defended their lands and marked themselves in history as the British Anthony Eden resigned himself, maybe a military defeat but a political victory.


But if you look back at the 1956 War, the Suez Crisis, you will find Israel took it as another ideological war and fought more brutally than the two other forces: Britain and France. They wanted to claim the Sinai Peninsula for ideological reasons, mostly because Moses went there and other Jewish religion stuff. It is strange how Jews get every right of ideological war and Christians + Muslims are neglected in the US and abroad when they try and make a war, too. The question that I want to ask, "What the hell is Sinai's connection to Israel, if it's already Britain's fight and ONLY on the Suez Channel?!"


The 1967 Claim by Israel


As the Arabs gained arrogance from their last battle, they joined forces to return back their Palestinian lands, fulfilling the rights of their lands, and as they attacked Israel all at once, Israeli were backed up by CIA and many Allies forces secretly back in those days, and so got its victory and claimed Jerusalem: the capital where the Aqsa Mosque of the Muslims was claimed to the Jews.


That time, the Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights and Full Palestine were all acquired to the Israelis. (Sinai, Golan and Jerusalem are all part of the ideological war, pfft)



Two attempts to burn the Aqsa Mosque by Israeli Zionists were ongoing and without the Arabian backfire, they would've been burned by the people and Israelis will comment on nothing. Currently they also plan to destroy the Aqsa Mosque of the Muslims by drilling under it, for some alleged building of Solomon's being under it.


War of Attrition and the Yom Kippur War


The War of Attrition was an attempt by Egyptian military to reclaim back the Sinai Peninsula, however both sides emerged on a draw before serious peace negotiations that forcingly made the two countries actually stop the war.


In the War of Yom Kippur, the same goal for the War of Attrition was applied by the Ba'ath Party of Syria, Iraq and Egypt who did military operations against Israel to return the Sinai Peninsula, and maybe the Golan Heights. After a victory in the Yom Kippur War, the Arabs felt vindicated as a ceasefire and a peace treat ended the war, but later Arab systems came to fall under Israeli ideological control as Peace treaties and Infitah came to Egypt. Anwar Sadat, a winner of the Nobel Peace Award, was assassinated by an Egyptian Army tank due to his betrayal of the Abdul-Nasser strategy and making peace with Israel. It was harsh and violent. Then the Arabs began to make outlaw parties of restraint, which, reputationally tainted by terrorist and non-peaceful movements such Al-Qaeda, made the Muslim nation a figure of terrorism in front of the Western world, while actually not being like that.


Israel vs. Lebanon


So I couldn't claim much criticism, I don't actually know a lot about the Lebanese conflicts against Israel. However, I do know Israelis wanted to do the same deal they did to Palestine to Lebanon but eventually failed by small factors.


First Intifada against Israel


The Intifada was a spoken word to the whole world about what's REALLY going on in Israel and Palestine. Pictures like this show the truth of how Israelis went brutal and even MORE brutal in the Intifadas. It was a Palestinian uprising and rebellion against the Israelis who have unfairly ruled the Palestinians, and even when they gained what they wanted, constant hatred, burning of mosques, military operations and violence and insult to the Palestinians was never stopped. It resulted in the Oslo Accords which ended it, but violence against Palestinians wasn't that much stopped. Peace between the nations was much praised by Westerns, and much declined by the Extremists. Although extremists knew that it would not stop all the war and all the scars that Israelis left and are to continue.


Second Intifada


The Second Intifada, in its starts, was with this man and his son's brutal attack by Israelis, and the controversies to protect Israel's "nice ass" were that Palestinians killed their own people by mistake :roll: . The Second Intifada is still there until now, and the conflict currently is a part of it. That's where you understand that Hamas, a fighter for restraint and rebellion, is not randomly firing missiles because they hate Israel or are terrorists who play up some IRL trolls and raiders called "Qassam rockets" to strike terror randomly. You can see a lot of violent Israeli missions occurring and then decide if rockets are the actual scary part of it. OK, so maybe 3000 rockets in 2008 is a bit too much, but since Israelis won't stop violence, Hamas also has a right to defend Gaza Strip and Palestine. :roll: Great justice, once again, great justice.





Back in the spoiler above, I might have been on the Arab side, but it's the truth when you study everything and try to be on your own, that's when you can decide to your opinion what is right and what is wrong, and who has the right to stay. I have used many history encyclopedias to determine, including but not limited to Encyclopedia Britannica, books about the conflict from Arabic and Israeli sides of war, Wikipedia, the News and everything that I can collect but also not waste my time and money on for long hours.


Dipolmacies and What They Say


To begin with on the diplomacies topic, most countries in the world, due to the UN American (or let's say Ally) control, are just saying their honest opinion stating that peace by both parts needs to go on. Most of them say that. However, to come to Ally powers like Australia, Canada and the United States, they support the alleged "defense of Israel's self" but the US makes excuses like "We'll make sure less civilians die" and other excuses that are worse, and sillier, than the actual sins.


For the people, and not the governments, let's say: They universally protest, and hell more on the Gaza side. UK has a lot of protesting, Arab countries have a LOAD, states of Europe have seen some protests like in Hungary and France, and Muslim countries also have a hell load of them, especially in Iran and Indonesia. The Irani government is the only one, to encourage military power against Israel. Although that is not prepared for and more blame will be put on the Muslims' heads, it might get out something if peace treaties to the both sides are ignored (as always).


The governments and declarations however have had two points that they blame both sides for: "1. Hamas for firing a load of rockets on Israeli civilians, and 2. Israel for taking hella brutal operations on Gaza Strip, a defenseless small country". I could swear Israel's operation can work against the Soviet Union, if the infantry war was applied, particularly.


Now, it's your time to pick your side. It's not a game, and you're not going in war eventually, but the discussion is open for everyone, and every kind of critique and discussion is allowed by me, however limited by the rules of the forum.


By Lemuel J, "Lemmy"[/align]

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