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Star Wars: Balance of the Force | PG to PG-13 | Please Join | Need 1 more to start| LOCK

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[spoiler= Intro & Plot ] In this RP, you will live the battles of Star Wars. You will create a soilder, Jedi, or Sith, and battle for control of the force. Control of the force is unclaimed, and a war rages for it. This is the story of the rebirth of the Dark Side.


After the death of th Empire, and the fall of the Sith, Jedi reclaimed the force. The Dark Side was isolated, only one knew - Jarat Zok. But those with the force in their blood were not always worthy of it. they wanted the power of the force to themselves, and they saw power with the Dark Side. Jarat trained these new Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi re-created the Sith, and more and more descendants of the Force became Dark Jedi. The new Dark Knight trained Apprentices of there own, who trained apprentices of their own, and so on...


Even these growing generations of darkness were not many compared to the Jedi. But they started to destroy the new Jedi. The Jedi nearly stopped growing, and more and more trained in the Dark Side. However, the Light Side still had double the amount of jedi the Dark Side had.


Over the years, the Dark Jedi tripled in size and attacked a large amount of Jedi. Now the Dark Side has more Jedi than Light Side. The Dark Side unleashed it's potential, and wiped out a fifth of the Jedi. The force was now in jeporday once more.


The Dark Side realized the Dark Jedi alone could not eleminate the Light Side alone. So for those who were not gifted with the force, they became soilders. The Sith also re-created the droid army. The Light Jedi learned abou these plans. The Rebel soilders gained more members. And to top if off, the Jedi once again used Clone Troopers. A new war had started.


The force was completely blanaced, but either side could tip it in their favor. It all depends on the war. Now, it is up to you. No matter who you are, you must support your side and regain control of the force. Good luck.


[spoiler= Rules ] 1. No spamming

2. No flaming

3. No extreme violence

4. No cursing


Breaking of the rules will result in temporary/permanent banning.


[spoiler= Form ] Name:




Side (Good or Bad, no neutral):

Position (Jedi [good], Dark Jedi [bad], Droid [bad], soilder [bad], Clone [good], Rebel [good]):

Species (Has to be from Star Wars):

Mastery of Force (None, Padawan, Jedi, Knight, Master, Teacher):

Force Powers:



[spoiler= My Form ] Name: Ace Linor

Age: 19

Gender: M

Pic: d3e4134.png

Side: Good

Position: Jedi

Species: Human

Mastery of Force: Knight

Force Powers: Force Heal, Jedi Mind Trick, Force Lift

Bio: A young Jedi Knight, he infitrates Sith bases to Recover information and destroy hostiles.


[spoiler= Characters ] Ace Linor (NeatHat35)

Kyko Akima (:.Death Whisper Ryko.:)

GreVone (freeman43)


[spoiler= NPC's (controlled by me) ] Enid Zok


Age: Unknown

Gender: M

Pic: 9fc2519.png

Side: Bad

Position: Dark Jedi

Species: Human

Mastery of Force: Master

Force Powers: Force Choke

Bio: A descendant of Jarat Zok, he is commander of the Sith.


Commander Eric


Age: 34

Gender: M

Pic: No pic, he's just a blue clone trooper

Side: Good

Position: Clone

Species: Human

Mastery of Force: None

Force Powers: None

Bio: Commander of the new Clone Army, he is a skilled warrior.


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Are Lightsaber Whips allowed?


Name: Kyko Akima

Age: 23

Gender: Female




Replace the Following in this image and you'll get my appearence


Current Whip with Black Lightsaber Whip

Red Lightsaber to Black Lightsaber


Also, She has one away while the other is out (Except when Using Force Saber Control)

Side (Good or Bad, no neutral): Bad, but can be Converted easily into Jedi(a few of her Dark Side force powers come naturally)

Position (Jedi [good], Dark Jedi [bad], Droid [bad], soilder [bad], Clone [good], Rebel [good]): Dark Jedi

Species (Has to be from Star Wars): Half-Nightsister(Look in Star wars: Forces of Corruption, you find these on Dathomir)

Mastery of Force (None, Padawan, Jedi, Knight, Master, Teacher): Master

Force Powers: (the ones that come Naturally is Starred) Force Life Drain* Control Rancor*, Force Lightning blade(Much powerful form of Force Lightning, but can only imbued to her Lightsaber or Lightsaber Whip, came from The Force Unleashed), Force Lightning, and Force Jump, Force Pursuade

Bio(optional): Kyko Wasn't your average Human Girl, In fact, She had Nightsister blood in her, which gave her one of her force powers(Life Drain and Control Rancor). She, after finding out that she had the Blood of a Nightsister, She was Banished to Dathomir to where the other Nightsisters, Taught her the Dark side of the Force. Along with having Powerful Force powers, She also Inherits the Characteristic of being Force Sensitive, But after Being Taught her Force powers, She Left Dathomir on a Stolen Republic Ship to Find her Parents. Even though some people are aware of her Nightsister Characteristics, She is Extremely Beautiful to Many People and can temp them to Serve her.

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ok if the empire is dead the rebels Became the new Republic with Skywalker and the leader of the New Jedi order just a heads up...



Age: ???

Gender: ???

Pic:looks like General Grievous

Side : Bad

Position :Part Droid

Species former Human spacer

Mastery of Force: none

Force Powers:none but can waled light sabers

Bio(optional): After the battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi General Grievous was dead... but his exoskeleton was not. Shortly after Order 66 was enacted, Imperial stormtroopers were sent to retrieve General Grievous' shattered body from its resting place on Utapau. Even though the armor was largely intact, most of the organic tissue had been destroyed. the remains were sent to one of Palpatine's secret warehouses on that world, where Grievous's former starfighter would later be kept. Years later, Nycolai Kinesworthy, a cyberneticist employed by the Galactic Empire, was led to the warehouse to extract the body so that it could be the host of one of Kinesworthy's experimental droid brains. Treun Lorn named the outcome the "N-K Necrosis," the first physical manifestation of the "N-K" project, which Kinesworthy had named.Unfortunately for Necrosis it was short-lived as a group of spacers invaded his home in the Myyydril Caverns during the height of the Galactic Civil War, destroying both him and his NK-3 guards in a fierce battle. But as the looting began the droid shell and the Soulless One(General Grievous CIS ship) dispersed never to be found again in till now.

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Name: no one knows his real name, but they do know him as ''The Dual Reaper''

Age: 19

Gender: male

Pic: Sith Warrior also has a other weapon on his back, a long stick, which can be made in a force reaper

Side (Good or Bad, no neutral): Evil

Position: Dark Jedi

Species (Has to be from Star Wars): Human

Mastery of Force (None, Padawan, Jedi, Knight, Master, Teacher): Knight (assassin)

Force Powers: Force Shadow (invisibility), Force Blade-Wind (a wind which cuts as a sword), Force Armor, Force Gravity (the powers of pain's god realm from naruto), Force Choke, Force Push, Force Extermination (like Pain's god realm's strongest

attack, takes its toll on energy).

Bio(optional): It's past purposely deleted and edited by the dark side, his past is unknown to him. He used to be a child of great noble, but on 1 night his whole life changed. He got abducted by Dark Jedi's, who were ordered to kill the still jung noble, because they senced a great force-power in him. But as he didn't know about his powers, the dark side made the choise to make him a valuable assassin, and use him to kill important people and jedi's so that they could rule over the force. But to be able to do this, they needed to erase his memories and make fake ones instead. Those fake memories made that he hates everything that's good, so that he wouldn't have any hold-back on his job as assassin.

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