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AxleProductions: Mystic Rune Teleport~Updated~


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Well, i haven't made any cards in quite sometime...Though i doubt ill have anything else as good as my Kao Set im still trying...

My skills are a bit..rusty so please.

If your going to criticize please post something to help with..don't just say

OCG needs work...tell me how to improve on it.


This card was meant for my past mini-set.




note: I don't normally make cards that need a token...my first time actually


like the rest of my pictures


all image credit goes to father wolf

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Get rid of "in order"


When there are 4 Rune Counters on this card you can select 1 monster with "Mech" in its card name and Special Summon it in face-up Attack Position.


Next you have to specify how many times you can summon the monsters. Right now in theory you could summon all of the "Mech" monsters in your Graveyard. Add "once per turn" and/or change it so you must remove X number of counters from it first.


Good pic, okay ocg..etc.



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