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Anti-meta casters, featuring rivalry of warlords


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Monsters: 20


Dark Magician x3

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Cybernetic Magician x2

Frequency Magician x2

Magician's Valkyria x3

Night's End Sorcerer x2

Skilled Dark Magician x3

Summon Priest x3

The Tricky x2


Spells: 14


Allure of Darkness x3

Giant Trunade

Heavy Storm

Magical Blast x2 (spell counter generator and tricky fodder)

Magical Dimension x3

Mystical Space Typhoon

Secret Village of the Spellcasters x3


Traps: 6


Rivalry of Warlords x3

Solemn Judgment x3


(Extra Deck)



Arcanite Magician x3

Avenging Knight Parshath

Black Rose Dragon x2

Goyo Guardian x3

Stardust Dragon x3

Tempest Magician x3

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3|Lon|Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

3|Lodt|Magical Exemplar

3|Sd6|Skilled Dark Magician

2|Mfc|Apprentice Magician

2|Csoc|Night's End Sorcerer

1|Mfc|Old Vindictive Magician

1|Tp7|Breaker the Magical Warrior

1|Lodt|Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress


3|Csoc|Secret Village of the Spellcasters

2|Cp02|Magical Dimension

2|Pgd|Book of Moon

2|Sd7|Hammer Shot

1|Ioc|Smashing Ground

1|Sdy|Monster Reborn

1|Sdp|Mystical Space Typhoon



3|Cp01|Solemn Judgment

3|Wc08|Dimensional Prison

3|Cp04|Bottomless Trap Hole

1|Sd4|Torrential Tribute

1|Mrd|Mirror Force

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