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My Cloverfield card


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All right. I agree about effects. I'll post a new remake later. But a better pic?! That's the only good image I found on Google Images! And about the fake type, forget it. I'm not changing it. How am I supposed to explain all those Godzilla series cards I made??? "Nuclear Kaijyuu" is probably the only type Godzilla can be, because he is an ex-dinosaur, and I can't call Godzilla a dinosaur, reptile, beast, or whatever. He's definitely not going to be a Divine as well.

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Try Fiend for the type.


Make it an Effect monster.


1) People like effect monsters better than normals

2) Normal monsters should never have an ATK or DEF of over 3000

3500 should be the limit actually' date=' Blue Eyes was made many metas ago.



Blue Eyes


ATK/ 3000 DEF/ 2500

When did I say he had 3500 ATK? He's the highest Normal Monster, and he was made in the very beginning of yugioh. If they made a 3500 ATK 9-12 star, nothing would change in the meta really, Normal Monsters would just be more usable.

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