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Unleash the Pinata


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Pinata Mine

Field spell

Effect: Once a turn add a card from your deck to your hand. If you activate this effect you must have a digerling face up on your field.




earth/rock/helper/effect atk 1500 def 2000

this card can attack twice in the same battle phase this card cannot be summoned unless you have arfurs inn face up on the field.


Arfurs inn

continuous spell

Once a turn you may special summon one helper monster from your hand or deck.




Wind/Winged-beast/Pinata/effect atk 2000 def 1900

This card cannot be normal summoned this card cannot be special summoned exept by sending one face up sparrowmint and one sunflower to the graveyard.



Continuous spell

once a turn place one "rainbow counter on this card by sending this face up card to the graveyard draw 1 card for every 3 "rainbow counters" on this card.

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