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My naruto cards


What you think of my cards  

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You need to seperate the effects into two effects. And there are some errors. Example:


When this card is summoned, you may select one of the following effects:


However, I can't finish this becuase your describing crazy stuff. There is no "Rasengan" in Yugioh.

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4.5/10 Too many OCG errors. Like DeMeNTeD said' date=' dont use fake types. Effects sucked. [b']Names were... well.. original![/b] :D


That's how they're said in the Japanese (or others?) dubbings. :/

Your effects are terrible, do not include "thanks to" and "with rasengan". Just make these like YGO cards. As DeMeNTeD said, check the OCG thread. Refrain from using fake-types, use sub-types.

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