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Divine Reign - Japanese Card Set(Japanese Lang. Cards) | 1 card so far | Translations provided


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Before you say, "I can't read it", know that there is a TRANSLATION


The Jap. Language is just for the hell of it and was done on Photoshop. The card maker doesn't do japanese. Oh, it was also because they look cool.


Set Name: Divine Reign


[spoiler=1st Card-Divine Guardian-Sapphire Lightning Dragon]


Name: D Guard(Divine Guardian) Sapphire Lightning Dragon

Type: Dragon / Effect


This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set.

This card can only be Special Summoned by Releasing 3 LIGHT Monsters you control.

When this card is successfully Special Summoned, roll a six-sided die.

・1-3: Destroy 2 Monsters your opponent controls.

・4-6: This card gains 600 ATK.

When this card is destroyed, you can Special Summon 1 LIGHT Monster from your hand.




The card images are custom.



Booster Image won't be here for a while, since I just got a laptop, and the touchpad mouse is too sensitive. I have to get a wireless mouse.



Well? Comments?

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I love the effort you put into the japanese text. Did you shop the japanese above D.Guard? It truly looks like an authentic OCG card.


As for the effect, it's borderline overpowered at the moment but the saving grace is that it only triggers upon being summoned and it's dependant on the dice roll. The monster destruction is fubared if Stardust is on the field unless it uses Snipe Hunter-esque rulings but it shouldn't since you are not selecting a card prior to the effect. Granted you can attack over stardust with this card but taking the gamble that you get the 600 boost instead is not something I want to be doing when I have to sac 3 monsters on my field.


This card would sort of work well with Lightlords but I think it may have better application in a Batteryman deck but that's more for a late game play if you couldn't set up the OTK in time.


I'm interested to see other cards in this theme you've got going. I'm going on the assumption that there will be other D-Guard cards in the future.

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Umm.. you just flamed my card. Don't post again.


Anyway' date=' any more comments?



yes. Learn what 'Flame' means.

Hate japanese hieroglyphs. Japanese cards are stupid' date=' but that's just my personal opinion!!!

Even though the effect is quite good, i give you that! [/quote']

He hates japanese cards, thats his opinion. You do not get to pick what he thinks

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