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Animal Crossing Wild World, Wi-Fi Travelers(The ultimate animal crossing club join and get 50,000 bells!)

~Rebellious Rage~

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[spoiler=[u]About the club[/u]]

This is the Animal Crossing Wild World, Wi-Fi Tavelers club!!! Visit other members towns, complete challenges, build your true travel stature, and WIN A TON OF REPS!!! Show off your town, your money, your clothes, or anything else wearth showing off when visters come to play! When you visit town get both you and the person whos town you visited to either post here or PM me so I can add a visit to both to the members. Oh! And the free bells thing only aplys if you visit my town and ask.



Copy and paist the text below into your post.

[b]Freind Code:[/b]
[b]Charecter Name:[/b]
[b]Town Name:[/b]



[spoiler=[u]Members (1)[/u]]

  1. ~Rebellious Rage~
    Freind Code:4768 7807 8367
    Charecter Name:Justin
    Town Name:Hanover




1.Coach Potato

(0+ visits)

2.Land Lover

(2+ visits)

3.Hometown Hero

(5+ visits)


(7+ visits)


(10+ visits)

6.Frequent Traveler

(15+ visits)[/align] [align=right](REWARD! +1 rep)

(15+ visits)[/align] [align=right]

7.Village Voyager

(17+ visits)

8.Regionwide Adventurer

(20+ visits)

9.Famous Adventurer

(25+ Visits)

10.Busy Bee

(30+ Visits)[/align] [align=right](REWARD! +1 rep)

(30+ Visits)[/align] [align=right]

11.Road Lover

(40+ Visits)

12.Traveling Addict

(45+ Visits)

13.True Traveler

(50+ Visits)[/align] [align=right](REWARD! +2 reps)

(50+ Visits)[/align] [align=right]

14.Country Wide Adventurer

(75+ Visits)[/align] [align=right](REWARD! +2 reps)

(75+ Visits)[/align] [align=right]

15.True Traveler

(100+ Visits)[/align] [align=right](REWARD! +3 reps)

(100+ Visits)[/align] [align=right]


[spoiler=[b]Club Banners[/b]]


















[spoiler=[b]1.The Citadel Crusade! (Reward = 3 reps)[/b]]

The Citadel Crusade! To complete this challenge you must go to FIVE differnt towns and steal the hidden iteam in the town. Before accepting this challenge you must tell the five members in this club that you want to do "The Citadel Crusade!" and that each of them needs to pick ONE uncommen iteam (example: UFO part, Store Iteams that can't be sold more then once a day) and hide it in their town somewhere for you to find. After you visit their town and find the iteam put it in your back pack and tell that member you found the iteam and that they need to PM ~Rebellious Rage~ of the challenge turn out. Once all five iteams are found and I have all the PMs from the member's towns you visted and conquired. The iteams that the members who's towns you are visiting must not hide the iteam indoors, and they must tell you what the iteam is. Make sure you mension that when you PM them that you want to do this challenge.


[spoiler=[b]2.Hide and Seek timed version (Reward = 1 rep)[/b]]

The simple game of hide and seek. Just pick a member whos town you want to visit to play hide and seek(a timer is strongly recommend, Who ever stays in their hideing spot the longest without being found wins. Timers are sold at Tome Nooks).





[spoiler=[b]Animal Crossing Shops and more[/b]]

[spoiler=[b]~Rebellious Rage~[/b]]

[spoiler=[b]1.~Rebellious Rage~'s Weed Wackin Co.[/b]]

Let ~Rebellious Rage~ get rid of all those nasty weeds that make you fell embarresed when a guest comes over!

Price: any amount of weeds for only 5000 bells!

Freind Code: 4768 7807 8367



[spoiler=[b]2.Shop Rage![/b]]

Come to shop rage! The prices vary depending on what you choose visit shop Rage in hanover today!

freind code: 4768 7807 8367







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