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Magical Ectoplasmer

Lucky 13

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Magical Ectoplasmer

Continuous Spell

Effect: During each players end phase both players must send one spell or trap card to the graveyard in order to inflict 800 damage to their opponent. If a player doesn't have a spell or trap card on the field at the end of his/her end phase he/she takes 800 damage.


Combos with this card include:

Statue of the Wicked

Wonder Garage

Black Pendant

Mirage of Nightmare

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Decent burn card.

But in this meta, the only affected cards are Continuous, Equip, Field, and Trap Cards which unfortunately are underrated. So this card is slightly playable, but not groundbreaking (when played by itself), but still it's a decent one.


To clarify the effect: BOTH players MUST send 1 S/T every End Phases (regardless of whether it's you or your opponent's).


This card can also combo with Anti-Spell Fragrance.


Rating: 8.6/10

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