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Hey guys. Im kinda in the mood getting into anime story telling. So I hope you like the anime story I called Orbs i made. Any suggestions on how to make this story a little more interesting, please dont hesitate to ask.


[spoiler=Orbs: Chapter 1]



Chapter 1: A Crummy Day


“Sean, hurry up your going to be late for school!””I know mom, sheesh.” ‘Hey people, you probably already heard my name but anyways, my names Sean. I was just talking to my mom about being late for school. Her names Hillary. It’s already eight o clock, and I’m having some trouble finding my book for language arts, I’m learning to speech Japanese. I just can’t find that darn book.’ Searching for his book frantically, he finally spots it on his desk, in the open. ‘You got to be kidding me. It was sitting right there all this time.’ Sean sighs and puts the book in his backpack. “Sean, you’re going to be late!””I know mom, just hand on.” Sean said. Rushing down the stairs like someone was chasing after him; Sean yells “Okay mom, I’m going to be leaving now.” Peeking her head out in the hallway while stirring a bowl of pancake batter, Hillary said “Okay just don’t slam the door on your way…” her voice cut off by Sean slamming the door. She sighed to herself. “Sometimes, I wonder if that boy listens to me?”

Racing down the drive way to the sidewalk. Sean was thinking to himself ‘Man, oh man, the teacher is going to kill me if I don’t get there in time.’ He was running like heck, the boy wouldn’t stop one bit. When coming around the street he almost ran into a bicycle rider. Sean and the biker dodged in time. The Biker calling out “Hey, watch it kid!””Sorry” Sean yelled back at him. A few minutes later, his friend Sally rode by on her red bike with her blond hair lashing in the wind trying to keep up with Sean. She was wearing blue jeans with a short sleeve shirt that was orange at the moment. “Hey Sean, slow down your going to trip over.””I know, but then I might be late for school.” “Why do you think I got a bike? So I can leave late and get to school quicker.” Sally yelled. “Good point.” Complementing on her opinion while running at top speed. Sally had a hard time keeping up as he was running very fast. “You’re going to trip. Please stop!” Sally ordered. But he just kept going. ‘Till he actually tripped which sent him flying 3 feet right on to his back!

Sally stopped her bike which made the bike skid a long black long while making a scratching sound. Sally ran up to Sean, seeing him lie on the ground aching. Sally bent down saying “You okay Sean?” Sean only replied in a low moan. “Told you, didn’t I” Sally said in triumph. “Okay you made your point. Could you help me help please?” Sean said. Sally sighed and grabbed Sean’s hand and pulled him to his feet. Stretching his back out after the fall, Sean said “That was some ride I took in the air. Hope I don’t have to do that again.””I hope so to, you feel okay?” Sally asked. Sean replied “Yeah, I’ll be okay.” Sean perched his head up realizing that they’re almost to school. “Finally, school is just right around the corner.” Sean said. “Well I hope your okay that was some skid you did with your back. Got to get going. See you in math class.” Sally said riding off on her bike. “Yeah Sally, seeya.” He said in a low voice.

In math class, in the back, Sally had finally met up with Sean. Sally leaned over saying quietly “Your back okay Sean?””Yeah it’s feeling a lot better.” They get back into sitting position when the teacher walked by. They realized they couldn’t talk right now since they were taking a test. Since it’s so quiet they can be easily heard talking. After awhile during the test, Sean sensed something looking at him by the window. He looked to discover a cloaked man. He was wearing a black coat, no details on the clothing. Sean couldn’t see the face since it was shrouded in shadows. Squinting hard to see past the shadows, the teacher said, “Having fun day dreaming I see.” The voice snapped Sean out of the trance of looking at the man. Stumbling what to say, the teacher finally said. “Sean…” she paused for a moment.”…I’ll give you a warning this time. But next time you will get a detention for starring out into space, imagining what you are thinking.” Sean quickly got back to work so he wouldn’t get into more trouble with the teacher. ‘But I was looking at that man in the window.’ He thought to himself. Which reminded him of the man. He glanced back at the window, and being careful not to turn his head so he wouldn’t get in more trouble to see if he was still there. To his surprise, he was not. Wondering to himself ‘Who was that guy? Did I imagining him, or was he real?’

In the lunch room, they were serving pizza today; one of Sean’s favorite lunches. While walking over to where Sally was sitting, still wondering to himself ‘That guy had to be there. He looked so real and yet something was deceiving about it.’ Sean couldn’t get the thought out of his head that someone was watching him. He finally sat down next to Sally who was giving me the bizarre look. “What happened in class today, you seemed like you were in a trance back there.” Sally asked. ‘So did I’ he thought. “I don’t know, I thought I saw something out the window for a moment.” Sean said. “I didn’t see anything out the window. I was about to ask you if you could give back the card you borrowed. But then you looked like you were staring at something for a sec’.” Sally said in a puzzling voice. Sean stopped picking up his pizza. “What! But, he was there, I saw him!” “It was probably your imagination plating tricks on you.” Sean didn’t know what to believe. That the man was real, or was he was just a figment of his imagination. He decided to just let it go. “Yeah, you’re probably right.” Sean said.

He reached for his carton of milk and opened it. He was just about to take a sip of his milk when the carton slipped from his hand and spilled onto his jeans. And it was the place where the landing of the milk shouldn’t have. A guy noticed the incident and said at loud “Hey everyone, Sean peed his paints!” Everyone looked at him in astonishment and started to laugh. ‘Oh man, this is so embarrassing’ he thought. Who wouldn’t be? Everyone just kept laughing at him. One called out from the crowd “What a baby.” His cheeks where starting to blush red of the embarrassment. ‘This is one of my worst days ever.

After Sean’s other classes where done, the bell finally ringed. Walking out over to the bike rack ware Sally puts her bike, he kept on hearing about the incident in the lunch room, Sean was still really embarrassed. He finally caught up with Sally, who was as usual at the bike rack. “Hey Sally.” Sean said. “Hey Sean.” she replied. Then she noticed Sean was still embarrassed. “Don’t be sad Sean. It happens.” trying to cheer up Sean. “I know, but it was really embarrassing. I mean, you try to staying calm when someone calls out that you wet your pants, and knowing that you only spilled milk on yourself.” he explained. “Your right, how would you stay calm?””Tell me about it.” He was even embarrassed talking about it. “Well I got to get going, oh and here’s your card.” Sean gave Sally a blue sparkling card.”Thanks Sean, Bye.””Bye.” They waved good bye for now.

On top of the school building, the cloaked man that Sean saw, was looking at Sean in a dark kind of way. In a low voice, he the stranger said “So your name is Sean eh. Hmmmmmmm?”



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