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The Story Of Orbs (Chapter 4 coming soon)


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Hey guys. Im kinda in the mood getting into anime story telling. So I hope you like the anime story I called Orbs i made. Any suggestions on how to make this story a little more interesting, please dont hesitate to ask.


Just click the spoiler.


[spoiler=Orbs Season 1]

[spoiler=Orbs: Chapter 1]



Chapter 1: A Crummy Day


“Sean, hurry up your going to be late for school!””I know mom, sheesh.” ‘Hey people, you probably already heard my name but anyways, my names Sean. I was just talking to my mom about being late for school. Her names Hillary. It’s already eight o clock, and I’m having some trouble finding my book for language arts, I’m learning to speech Japanese. I just can’t find that darn book.’ Searching for his book frantically, he finally spots it on his desk, in the open. ‘You got to be kidding me. It was sitting right there all this time.’ Sean sighs and puts the book in his backpack. “Sean, you’re going to be late!””I know mom, just hand on.” Sean said. Rushing down the stairs like someone was chasing after him; Sean yells “Okay mom, I’m going to be leaving now.” Peeking her head out in the hallway while stirring a bowl of pancake batter, Hillary said “Okay just don’t slam the door on your way…” her voice cut off by Sean slamming the door. She sighed to herself. “Sometimes, I wonder if that boy listens to me?”

Racing down the drive way to the sidewalk. Sean was thinking to himself ‘Man, oh man, the teacher is going to kill me if I don’t get there in time.’ He was running like heck, the boy wouldn’t stop one bit. When coming around the street he almost ran into a bicycle rider. Sean and the biker dodged in time. The Biker calling out “Hey, watch it kid!””Sorry” Sean yelled back at him. A few minutes later, his friend Sally rode by on her red bike with her blond hair lashing in the wind trying to keep up with Sean. She was wearing blue jeans with a short sleeve shirt that was orange at the moment. “Hey Sean, slow down your going to trip over.””I know, but then I might be late for school.” “Why do you think I got a bike? So I can leave late and get to school quicker.” Sally yelled. “Good point.” Complementing on her opinion while running at top speed. Sally had a hard time keeping up as he was running very fast. “You’re going to trip. Please stop!” Sally ordered. But he just kept going. ‘Till he actually tripped which sent him flying 3 feet right on to his back!

Sally stopped her bike which made the bike skid a long black long while making a scratching sound. Sally ran up to Sean, seeing him lie on the ground aching. Sally bent down saying “You okay Sean?” Sean only replied in a low moan. “Told you, didn’t I” Sally said in triumph. “Okay you made your point. Could you help me help please?” Sean said. Sally sighed and grabbed Sean’s hand and pulled him to his feet. Stretching his back out after the fall, Sean said “That was some ride I took in the air. Hope I don’t have to do that again.””I hope so to, you feel okay?” Sally asked. Sean replied “Yeah, I’ll be okay.” Sean perched his head up realizing that they’re almost to school. “Finally, school is just right around the corner.” Sean said. “Well I hope your okay that was some skid you did with your back. Got to get going. See you in math class.” Sally said riding off on her bike. “Yeah Sally, seeya.” He said in a low voice.

In math class, in the back, Sally had finally met up with Sean. Sally leaned over saying quietly “Your back okay Sean?””Yeah it’s feeling a lot better.” They get back into sitting position when the teacher walked by. They realized they couldn’t talk right now since they were taking a test. Since it’s so quiet they can be easily heard talking. After awhile during the test, Sean sensed something looking at him by the window. He looked to discover a cloaked man. He was wearing a black coat, no details on the clothing. Sean couldn’t see the face since it was shrouded in shadows. Squinting hard to see past the shadows, the teacher said, “Having fun day dreaming I see.” The voice snapped Sean out of the trance of looking at the man. Stumbling what to say, the teacher finally said. “Sean…” she paused for a moment.”…I’ll give you a warning this time. But next time you will get a detention for starring out into space, imagining what you are thinking.” Sean quickly got back to work so he wouldn’t get into more trouble with the teacher. ‘But I was looking at that man in the window.’ He thought to himself. Which reminded him of the man. He glanced back at the window, and being careful not to turn his head so he wouldn’t get in more trouble to see if he was still there. To his surprise, he was not. Wondering to himself ‘Who was that guy? Did I imagining him, or was he real?’

In the lunch room, they were serving pizza today; one of Sean’s favorite lunches. While walking over to where Sally was sitting, still wondering to himself ‘That guy had to be there. He looked so real and yet something was deceiving about it.’ Sean couldn’t get the thought out of his head that someone was watching him. He finally sat down next to Sally who was giving me the bizarre look. “What happened in class today, you seemed like you were in a trance back there.” Sally asked. ‘So did I’ he thought. “I don’t know, I thought I saw something out the window for a moment.” Sean said. “I didn’t see anything out the window. I was about to ask you if you could give back the card you borrowed. But then you looked like you were staring at something for a sec’.” Sally said in a puzzling voice. Sean stopped picking up his pizza. “What! But, he was there, I saw him!” “It was probably your imagination plating tricks on you.” Sean didn’t know what to believe. That the man was real, or was he was just a figment of his imagination. He decided to just let it go. “Yeah, you’re probably right.” Sean said.

He reached for his carton of milk and opened it. He was just about to take a sip of his milk when the carton slipped from his hand and spilled onto his jeans. And it was the place where the landing of the milk shouldn’t have. A guy noticed the incident and said at loud “Hey everyone, Sean peed his paints!” Everyone looked at him in astonishment and started to laugh. ‘Oh man, this is so embarrassing’ he thought. Who wouldn’t be? Everyone just kept laughing at him. One called out from the crowd “What a baby.” His cheeks where starting to blush red of the embarrassment. ‘This is one of my worst days ever.

After Sean’s other classes where done, the bell finally ringed. Walking out over to the bike rack ware Sally puts her bike, he kept on hearing about the incident in the lunch room, Sean was still really embarrassed. He finally caught up with Sally, who was as usual at the bike rack. “Hey Sally.” Sean said. “Hey Sean.” she replied. Then she noticed Sean was still embarrassed. “Don’t be sad Sean. It happens.” trying to cheer up Sean. “I know, but it was really embarrassing. I mean, you try to staying calm when someone calls out that you wet your pants, and knowing that you only spilled milk on yourself.” he explained. “Your right, how would you stay calm?””Tell me about it.” He was even embarrassed talking about it. “Well I got to get going, oh and here’s your card.” Sean gave Sally a blue sparkling card.”Thanks Sean, Bye.””Bye.” They waved good bye for now.

On top of the school building, the cloaked man that Sean saw, was looking at Sean in a dark kind of way. In a low voice, the stranger spoke to himself “So your name is Sean eh. Hmmmmmmm?”



[spoiler=Orbs: Chapter 2]

Chapter 2: A New Friendship


In Sean’s house, the sun was peeking through the shades of Sean’s room. It shined brightly in his eyes. He tried to go back to sleep, but the beam of light woke him up. He opens his eyes to find himself lying in his shadowy room. He sat up but still a little sleepy since it woke him up at seven o clock in the morning. Sean just sat there, wondering on how embarrassing yesterday was. Then he reminded himself of the cloaked man. In his thoughts, there in the window, he stood watching Sean for the test.’ Who was that guy?’ he then fell asleep once again.

In his dreams, a horrible image took shape. Back in the classroom, where the man stood. Watching, watching with that dark expression of his. Then as quick as a flash, it went into a new image. An image that the cloaked man was watching him when he left school. Sean turned to see the cloaked man on top of the school building. Sean then thought ‘Wh-What? Him again.’ He just stood there like a statue. Sean then yelled “What do you want?” The man didn’t reply. All he could hear was the sound of wind.”WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Sean yelled. He still didn’t reply. Sean was panting of fear; he didn’t know what would happen next. Then the man’s eyes glowed pure red, like a two shining rubies. The glow of red revealed the man’s face. But what Sean didn’t realize, that the man’s face was not man at all. All that it was, was reptilian like. Then the dream went into a spinning background. Sean tried to run from the reddish vortex that engulfed the sky and ground, but no matter where he turned, it was always there. But then a twirling vortex of black and purple, which revealed a horrible face, which looked like Sean? It was like Sean was looking at his dark side. Sean then fell into a pit of black gunk, gasping for air trying to stay above the gunk, and then he disappeared into the deep depths of the darkness.

The dream was so horrifying; it shocked him awake in terror, gasping for air like in Sean’s Dream. Sean looked around the room, finally realizing he was in his room. In relief, he fell back onto his pillow. Sean thought ‘What in the world was that? Was that the cloaked man’s face? Was that dark figure me? And what was that dark pit I fell into?’ He was questioning his own thoughts for the answers. But no explanation was found in his mind. “Whoa! That was scary. Hope I don’t go through that again, that was just plain creepy.” Sean said. “Well, time to get up.”

Sean got up and went out of his room to get a towel down stairs. When he got back to the shower, he called out “I’m going to take a shower mom.””Okay honey.”Hillary called out. While Sean was taking a shower, on the sidewalk, two boys were walking by and talking about something. “We have to find him Kevin, Hatch told us to. “One of the boys said. “I know, just be patient Tim, I just need to get a bite to eat is all.” Kevin explained. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Some food sounds good right abou…””Wait.” Kevin cut off Tim from finishing his sentence. “What Kevin, something wrong?” Kevin was silent for a moment. “He’s near; I can sense his aura.” Kevin finally said. “Really? You sure it’s him?” Tim said. “Oh I’m sure alright. He’s here somewhere.” Kevin closed his eyes for a moment. Then he put his hand to his head like he’s thinking of something. Then he put his hand out. “Uh dude, what are you doing.” Tim asked. “I’m concentrating.” Kevin said. “Kevin, this is silly. People are watching us.” “Shhhhh”. Kevin shushed Tim. “But…””I said shhhhh.” Kevin said. Tim sighed. “Fine. Be a lunatic. See what I care?” Tim acting like he never saw him before.

Back in Sean’s room, he got dressed in a blue shirt with a logo saying “Nor Cal”, and blue jeans to go with it. After breakfast, he got ready to go where Sally and him usually hangout. Seeya mom, I'm going to see Sally." Sean said to Hillary. "By Sean. Don't be home late.""Don't worry mom I won't" Sean went out of the house then closed the door behind him, saying to himself. "My mom really has to stop worrying about me. I'll be fine."

While Kevin was still searching for the guy he was looking for, he finally spoke."Wait. The aura just got stronger like it was right in front of me." With his hand out and eyes shut as a lock, his hand was pointed to Sean. "Uh, Kevin?" "It's like that it just walking along." "Kevin" Tim tried to tell him that the guy is right in front of him. Kevin is still explaining where the aura is. "I can't clearly see the face of who owns this aura, but…""For goodness sake Kevin, open your eyes!" Kevin finally opens his eyes to find that the guy he was looking for was right in front of him, walking towards Sally's house. "Oh. He was right there all this time, was he?""Yeah, pretty much Kev." Tim said. "Alright, let's follow him. Maybe we can make friends with him." So the duo started to follow him.

A few minutes later after the boys kept on spying on him, Tim said. "How much longer do we have to spy on him?""I hope not much longer, he's been walking for a long time now." Kevin said. Then Sean turned his head around to the boys. "Huh?" The boys ducked quickly. "Oh man, he almost spotted us." Tim said quietly. Sean just kept starring at the spot where the boys where just standing. "Thought I heard something. Oh well" Sean said to himself. Kevin peeked his head out to see if Sean was still there. "Tim, he's on the move again. Let's roll." Kevin said. "Right." So again they kept on following him.

Few minutes later, Sean reaches Sally's house. The boys poked their heads out of a bush seeing what he's doing. Sean knocked on the door and a moment later, Sally's mom popped up at the front door. "Oh hey Sean, you hear to talk to Sally?" Sally's mom questioned. "Yeah." Sean answered. "Okay, come on in." Sean walked in and disappeared behind the door. "When will he come out brother?" Tim asked. "Hopefully in a few minutes."Kevin said. Four hours later, the boys where tired of spying on Sean, it's already lunchtime. Tim's stomach growled. "Kevin, do we have anything to eat." Tim asked. "Sorry no. We don't anything." Kevin's stomach growled to. Kevin moaned. Tim's stomach growled again. Tim moaned as well. Finally Sean comes out of the house saying "Bye guys, seeya Monday at school.""Bye Sean." Sally said waving good bye. "Finally he came out of the house. Let's go." Tim said. Again, they began to follow him.

A few more minutes later behind a rock near an edge of a cliff, Tim says "Okay this has gone on long enough. I'm tired of waiting for him.""No wait, we'll see that he will do something interesting, I'm sure of it." Kevin pleaded Tim to stay. "You can stay but for me, Im leaving." Then Tim fell over the cliff. "Whoa!" Tim yelled. "Tim, NOOOOO!" Yelled Kevin. He ran to the edge to find that Tim was hanging on the edge of the cliff. "Hang on buddy; I'll pull you out of there." Kevin grabbed Timmy's hand and tried to pull him up, but yet it was too heavy for Kevin to bear. "What you've been eating Tim, rocks?" Kevin said. "Oh yeah, I would just eat plain, dirt, covered rocks for lunch." Tim's hand was starting to slip. "K-Kevin, I'm slipping." Tim said frantically. "Hold on Tim." Tim was frantically trying to find a ledge to climb on to with his legs, but there was none. Panting to keep Tim from falling to a messy doom, Kevin yelled "Help, somebody help us!""Huh, hello somebody there?" Sean said. "Somebody help!" Kevin yelled even louder that time. "Hold on, I'm coming." Sean started to race towards the sound. Sean then saw the two boys. "Hang on, I'm right here." Sean said. Kevin looked over his shoulder to find that it was the boy they were spying on. "Tim, it’s the guy who we were spying on. He came to help." Kevin said. "Oh thank God." Sean got to the ledge and helped pull the boy up to land. Using all of their strength, they pulled Tim out onto land.

San finally said. "What the heck happened here?""Sorry I slipped. Bye the way thanks. My names Tim." Tim said. "Nice to meet you Tim, my names Sean." Shaking each other's hand, Tim said "And this is my brother Kevin." Pointing to Kevin who was laying on the ground panting for breath. "Hey Kevin.""What's up?" Kevin said. After talking for a few minutes about the mishap, Sean says "Well nice talking to you guys, we should hang out sometime, bye.""Bye." Kevin and Tim said in unison. Kevin then said "His aura is very strong Tim. Could this be the boy that Hatch was talking about?""Probably Kevin, probably." Tim said. Kevin then opened a portal to where they lived. Sean looked back to find out they were gone in a flash. Wondering to himself "Wonder who they were, and why were they so friendly? Something was strange about them but I don't know what." After awhile he started walking again.



[spoiler=Orbs: Chapter 3]

Chapter 3: A Strange Force at Work


Leaving off where chapter 2 was, while Sean was walking down the road he spots a round shiny object. "Huh?" He leaned closer to get a better look, but leaning so far to see the object, He clearly stumbled right in front of it. "Ow." He said to himself while laying on the ground. Opening his eyes he finds a perfectly round orb the size of a marble. It had a green coating on it with weird like red ovals on the front of it on the sides. Each oval had a point at the end of it like some eyes were squinting at him. "Whoa that’s heck of cool, a perfect marble with a weird like feature to it."

He finally remembered that he had to get home. "Oh man it's almost dinner time. Moms going to kill me." Wondering what to do with the marble, he decided to keep it. He got up and put the marble in his pocket. His shirt caught his eye as it was all drenched in dirt. "Check that, mom is sooooooooo going to kill me, this is a new shirt." Thinking of a way to wipe off the dirt, he decided to deal with it later.

Seven long minutes later, he was at his house. Walking in the door, Hillary called out "Honey, you're finally home. Good thing to, I just got done finishing dinner. Were having meatloaf." 'Meatloaf, doesn't she know I hate meatloaf. Oh well.' Sighing, he walks into the kitchen to get it over with. When Hillary saw the dirt on Sean's clothes, she asked "Honey, you got dirt all over your shirt." 'Oh man, she noticed. How does she always know that I got a bruise or something just by looking at me? 'Sean wondered. "Sorry, I stumbled over something." Hillary gave him the disappointed look. "Oh honey, that’s a brand new T-Shirt." "Sorry mom." Sean said.

"Huh?" "Something wrong mom." Hillary kept looking up into space, acting like something was wrong. "Sean, do you feel like the air just got...denser or something?" "No, why do you ask?" Sean replied. "Huh, weird." Hillary decided to ignore the feeling that surrounded her. Sean remembered about the little tiny marble. He really wanted to show mom, so he did. "Oh yeah mom, check out what I found. Pretty cool huh mom?" With a smile on his face, he pulled out the marble and showed it to Hillary. At the time Hillary saw it, she gasped to see what is was."Something wrong mom?" Sean asked."Uh, no. It's nothing, really." Seeing Hillary's expression, Sean knew something was wrong. But he didn't want mom to get into a panic when asking her a question, so he decide to ignore it. After dinner, Sean walked up the stairs to his bedroom calling out "I'll be in my room mom." "Okay Honey." After Sean shut his door, Hillary sat down on the couch. 'Was that dense air caused by…' her thoughts trailed off into another thought. The thought looked like some kind of fight. Swords clashing, creatures fighting, a dead man with a black hair with a head band on his forehead with blood, trickling down his head and lip, and a baby crying. She finally got back to her previous thought. '…no it couldn't been. It must be my imagination playing tricks on me.'

In Sean's room, he laid flat on his back, holding up the marble he found wondering "Wonder why my mom gasped at it. It's just an object, what can be so scary about? And the air dense. I didn't feel anything, so what did my mom felt?" Few minutes later, still looking at the marble, he squinted his eyes hard as if he noticed something strange about. "Those red ovals, they remind me of that dream I had." Thinking of the dream he had earlier today, the red oval reminded him about the beast he saw. Those two glowing red eyes were horrible, like pure evil was in them. "What could that dream mean?" Then the marbles red ovals glowed red as the creature in his dream did. The marbles glow caught Sean off guard, that he fell over onto the floor with the marble landing right next to him. The marbles glow faded as Sean looked at it again on the floor. Sitting up and picking up the marble again, he said to himself "Whoa, got to lay of the salt and vinegar chips, it's driving me bonkers now." Sean got back up onto his bed then laid down again. Looking at the marble once more, he put the marble on his desk and turned off his lamp. Then went to sleep in his clothes.

A few hours later in the middle of the night, the marbles ovals started to glow again. But this time it was even brighter. A voice called out then in a deep groggy voice. "Sean. He's coming."





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