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Star wars cards


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No attachments please:



Click on the card you want to post and you will see a code. Copy and paste that code to the thread you want to post the card on. Then post the thread and your all done.


And you didn't even use the Synchro's right:


Synchro's are the new type of monsters that are relativaly same to Fusions. So you have to put for the starting of the effect: (monsters name goes here)+(another monsters name goes here).

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Sorry If I'm rood but, Come On! These shouldn't be Synchros.

Need Better Pics.
OCG horrible.
Last time I checked Darth Vader and Darth Maul are Sith not Jedi.
Use Real Types.
Also,the name of the "Emperor of the Jedi" is Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious and he is really Sith.

Pics- 2/10

OCG- 0/10

Effects- 0/10

Originality- 0/10

ATK and DEF- 1/10

RATING : 0.6/10

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