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[.RuBeZ.] Custom Macro Images

The Ruby

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I just read it. I might need help later' date=' so be prepared.



You can also ask me if you need help on IPBFree Websites. I like these Ruby, are the going on Infinite?


I haven't decided yet. I want to make my own theme for my new site, including a new macro set.


They're cool. Post zip link as well?


Oh' date=' and banister is still hilarious



Let's see if I can find the linky,

and hardy har har <_> Lol


Complete it Ruby' date=' complete it. =/


Also, you used the same template for most of them. :|


Still great, though.



Make me! also, So? why would i make em different?

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Make you? That I cannot do, but a complete Macroset is generally the idea of having a Macroset. =/


Also, it would've been nicer if you had logos or something on some of the buttons like I have with MSN, etc.


Also, regarding your signature... you're not a professional at all. And IPBFree definitely doesn't count. You can't offer people professional help when you're not a professional and you don't have hosting. =/

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