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Mephisto the Wicked Bargainer


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[align=center][spoiler= [b] Effect[/b]] This card can only be Normal Summoned or Set by Releasing 3 DARK monsters. This card is cannot be targeted by the effects of your opponents Spell Card, Trap Card, and Monster Card effects. When this card attacks, if all monsters on your opponents field are in Defense Position your opponent must select and activate one of the following effects:

*Switch all face-up Defense Position monsters into Attack Position. All damage taken this turn is halved.

* The controller of this card cannot attack this turn. The player that selects this effect takes damage equal to the number of cards in their Graveyard x 800.


[spoiler=[b]Card Description[/b]] A terrible and divine power that lurks in the Underworld. This black hearted fiend prays upon the living that see no hope. Finding these souls then making a deal to relieve the suffering from the soul, but at a price of great value.


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