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Return to play? WHAT THE FIZZLE?! [Joint Set - Snitch & KillerxKid]


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[align=center]Heh, lol at my incredible title. xD


Anyway, I bring forth a new and yet so blatently obvious area to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game now - Returning to Play monsters that have been removed. You may give me some cheap thing like, "D.D. Survivor comes back anyway, you can't do it." But, D.D.'s state there effects involve removing to get to their key level, so technically, Survivor isn't returning but just using his ability. Anyhow, forget D.D.'s, and look at my new cards.


Which are simple. =P






Ok, so, that's all so far. I know they're simple effects, point out stuff if you like, expect more soon. =/


I might holo or give better looks soon, so, bare with me. ^^[/align]

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The point I'm making is that you'd do the first thing first, so you could get back the removed from play monster, but if you don't have a face-up monster on your side of the field, you can't remove it, so you don't, yet you'd still get the monster back previously.


Still, good effects, a new card that's something like:


"This card can only be activated when there is atleast 1 monster removed from play. When a monster returns to play, increase your Life Points by 750. When a monster is removed from play, you lose 500 Life Points." Then you can make a set :D

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