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[REQ] Pokemon Sprite/Splice Request (I'll love you forever! =D)


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I need a pokemon sprite for a fanfiction of mine.


She's a Mew clone (Mewtwo base), but she has pale green skin and a neon green tail. On the end of her tail is a slightly curved purple-tipped spike (you could use some kind of recolored claw), and on her fingers she has purple claws. Her eyes are big, deep sky blue, and anime/chibi style. Coming out of her shoulders are two spring green Palkia Style wing-thingies. She also has a mane made up of an aqua-colored frill (probably from a Vaporeon or something), but it only goes around half way.


Yeah, I know, it's a bit much. But I'm willing to pay as much as I can, and give out reps.


If you need a better idea of what I'm talking about, check out chapter 2 of my fanfiction, "The Experiment". The link is in my sig. *shamelessly advertises* :P

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