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Greetings and bienvenue, dear friends.


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My name is V. V. Argost. You may recognize me from my delightful television show, V. V. Argost's Weird World. In recent months I have taken a shine to this fascinating collectible card game, and am astounded by the creativity shown here. Wishing to join the fun, I have set about crafting my own original cards inspired by my fascination with the paranormal, in particular the field of cryptozoology. I do hope you enjoy my creations.













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I wouldn't use the same pics and effect for both cards and some OCG:


1) "This monster can directly attack your opponent"- this monster can attack your opponent directly.


2) "The monster that destroyed it is also sent to the graveyard"- The attacking monster is also destroyed


like I said dont use the same effects and pics for the cards and just change the first word of the name. Ill give you a 3/10. I hope you make some great cards in the future but you'll have to work on it because these aren't great.

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Thank you for the constructive criticism. I'm new at this, so I will work on improving them.


Oh, I managed to fix the problem with repeated pictures. Hopefully the other one is better.


Update: I made the suggested changes to the Death Worm card, but kept the image. I did so because it's a drawing by Ivan Mackerle, one of the first researchers to ever mount an expedition for the Death Worm. Think of it as a tribute to his pioneering.

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