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My First Card Set! Crystal Warrior Cards!


DO you like my first card set?  

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  1. 1. DO you like my first card set?

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Hope you like them! Its my first time but I think they came out very good!



I could talk about the OCG of your cards' date=' but I won't. Anyway, ANY position, even face-down? Anyway, might be a bit overpowered. It reminds me of Gear Golem, but this is kinda better. Good job.[/b']



I think it is perfect. I don't see it as overpowered at all. Good job.



Good card. Even though it can attack directly, I think the fact that it needs 2 other monsters on the field to be summoned balances it out.



I'm not sure whether this card is balanced or not. It does have a drawback, but it can be controlled very easily. But you can only have 1 out at a time also. Also it special summons Tributeable tokens and has Warrior support. That's a tough one.



Ridiculously overpowered. It counts itself when it gains the bonuses. A Level 4 with at over 3000 ATK and no drawback? VERY Overpowered.



Also ridiculously overpowered. A Level 4 Warrior with 2500 DEF that can search out a Crystal Warrior or Crystal Warrior support card from your deck. Not to mention it counts itself, so its DEF is actually at least 3000. WAY too powerful.



Would be quite overpowered if you could have more than one out. The fact that it destroys one card on the field is pretty powerful. Once again, the ATK loss drawback can be well controlled. Not quite sure if it is overpowered.



A very powerful card. Its flip effect is quite irrelevant compared to the "When it is destroyed, increase the ATK of a Crystal Warrior monster by 1000". I suggest wording that effect like this to make it slightly more balanced: "When this card is destroyed after being flipped, increase the ATK of a "Crystal Warrior" monster by 1000."



Sylvia is quite balanced. I like it. Good job.



Not quite worded right, but a perfect card for Mirror Matches.



Awesome card. It may be a -1 in card advantage, but you inflict damage and your monster would have probably died anyway.



Awesome card. I don't see it as overpowered at all, so good job.



A bit too powerful, mainly for the fact that it removes a card from play once per turn. The fact that it special summons a "Crystal Warrior" once per turn is icing on that overpowered cake. I'm sorry if I was a bit mean. That is how I feel about each of these cards. I hope I helped.

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