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My Deck- Attempt 2

Cowboy Dan

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I'n Going Dueling Tommorow And I'm Leaving Tonight At 6:00, So Any Help Before THan Would Be Good.



Kuriboh X1

Mecha-Dog Marron X1

Gyakutenno Megami X1

Buster Blader X1

Paladin of White Dragon X1

Sand Moth X1

Cyber Gymnast X1

Summoned Skull X1

Winged Sage Falcos X2

Elemental Hero Neos Alius X1

Berserk Gorilla X1

Jinzo X1

Penguin Soldier X1

Luster Dragon X1

Celtic Guardian X1

Red Eyes B. Dragon X1

Insect Knight X1

Axe Raider X1

Shiba-Warrior Taro X1

Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon X1

Blue-Eyes White Dragon X1

Jerry Beans Man X1



Junk Barrage X1

Pot of Greed X1

Mystical Space Typhoon X1

Mist Body X1

Heavy Storm X1

Advanced Ritual Art X1

Lightning Blade X1

Swords of Revealing Light X1

Card Trader X1

Acient Rules X1

Monster Reborn X1

Lightning Vortex X1



Pyro Clock of Destiny X1

Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror X1

Spellbinding Circle X1

Trap Hole X1

Trap Jammer X1

Shadow Spell X1

Magic Cylinder X1

Metalmorph X1

Level Coversion Lab X1

Assault on GHQ X1

Sakuretsu Armor X1

Xing Zhen Hu X1


Extra Deck:

Stardust Dragon X1

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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