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Rate my deck 1-10

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lv 1-4 (22)

giant germ x 3

breaker the magical warrior

spirit reaper

toy magician

DH defender

skilled dark magicain x 2

gemini elf

mask of darkness


drill riod



luster dragon

mirage dragon

princess of tsurugi

warrior of atlantis

magical exempress

cyber gymnast



lv 5-6 (3)

guargian sphinx

dark diceratops

chaos sorcerer


lv 7-8 (5)

dark magicain x 2

super conducter tyranno

the creator

dark eradicator warlock


spells/magic (12)

heavy storm

cold wave

smashing ground

lightning vortex

gravekeepers servent

swords of revealing light

giant trunade

double summon

black pendant

mystical space typoon

premature burial

mage power


traps (19)

defence draw

malevolent catastrophe

compulsery evacuation device x 3

cemetary bomb

scrap iron scarecrow

spellbinding circle x 3

dust tornado x 2

negate attack

magical cylindar

divine wrath


trap hole

a rival appears

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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