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OK, I need a sig/avatar for my new Fanfic, The Dark Side of His Heart, and I need it to look good as well. I will pay 3 reps and 200 points to the person who does this job best.


Pic(I need 2 renders.):


0786931434.jpg(The guy in the middle only.)

Size: Whatever works

Color scheme: Whatever you want.

Text 1: The Dark Side of His Heart

Sub Text: A HyuugaKing Fanfic

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Thank you' date=' it's almost done, if you want any part changing or your looking for something different, just say the words and i will fix it to your perfection...[/color']

Once again, thank you so much. Take your time with it. ^_^

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Thank you very much. Like I said, take your time. OH, I almost forgot. The guy in the middle you are gonna render on that book cover pic? In the Sig, I want him a little transparent and be above the cloaked guys, like he's looking over them.

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Ok, i'll try to do that, that should work with just a lighting effect...


And done, hold on, i'll just get the IMG codes...




Ok, if you need a colour change size change or anything, just tell me, i'm not sure if the avatars the right size, it should be, but if it need shrinking, just tell me aswell.











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Please change just 1 thing. Make the sig it as big as the sig as I have now. (The Neji one.) The rest is just fabulous! I'll give you 2 reps and 100 points for now and when the corrections are made I'll give you the last rep and 100 points. Thanks a bunch Black Rose Phoenix!


EDIT!: The Avi needs to be shrunk a bit, it won't fit the AVI standards for this site.


Besides that, i freaking love it!!!! Thank you so much, it looks perfect!

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Ok...i'll try' date=' but it may be abit difficult correcting it to the exact size...


Also, payment says 3 reps...so will you give the extra rep??[/color']


Yes, that was what I was expecting to do.


I'll give you ur last rep and 100 points when the corrections are made. Thanks! ^_^

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The sizing was really hard, so i resized them both, but it's not that recognisable...so just use the codes i put in in a minute, and here are the results...

[spoiler=Results...dun dun dun...]







[img=http://i39.tinypic.com/xpypg8.jpg] [img=http://i43.tinypic.com/25i43es.jpg]



Now i'll get working on the avatar...


EDIT: Ok, try this...2latsme.jpg




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