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i dont actually use synchros, i only baught the starter deck for 'Scrap iron scarecrow'.


i hate them, a bunch of weak monsters with a few special summons. aslong as i have 3 'Trap holes' and 3 'bottomless trap holes' and otehr such card, in synchro proof.

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Guest PikaPerson01

Can't say that about Oppresion Gadgets' date='[/quote']


I'll give you that, though nothing is taken away in having Synchros in place, should something occur.


Anti Meta Decks,


Macro Decks run Rose Warrior of Revenge. Easy Level 8 Synchros.


LIghtsworn decks(some of them),


Pretty much every LS deck that could main Plaguespreader Zombie would do so, willingly.


and a few others.


Most of the reason that those decks haven't managed to become meta. I'll give you Gladiator Beasts.


My point is: not every single deck runs Synchros.


Yes, but no deck is hurt in anyway by running Synchros, and is only benefited by such a thing. Any deck that can afford to do so, should definately max out their extra deck.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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