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new member card thread


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hey people i thought since noone is getting a member card when they ask on the other threads i would make a new thread and try to make people the member card they want ASAP. the only thing i require is that you give me your account name and what you want your member card to look like and its type. to see mine click the spoiler i have and follow the link to look at green dragon-hi062995. i will post your card on this thread and pm it to you so don't ask if i can send it to you.

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It is still overpowered.

The picture is now loq quality, and it doesn't have a background in the picture.


Try this instead.


Name: Meti Ultimatum

Attribute: Light

Type: Warrior

Stars: 4

ATK: 1800

DEF: 1350


the picture and effect are now what you need to work on most.


For picture, it should be clear, it should be original, and it should be interresting. As it gives the feel and mood of the card.


For the effect, make it long, complicated, and and for each sequence of the effect, make a counter-balance for that sequence to balance the card out. Also, read over your effect on MS Word to make sure of any grammatic errors and spelling errors.

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