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The Kor34nboy Mega Mart!!!


What do you think of this shop???  

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  1. 1. What do you think of this shop???

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I sell Pokemon Splices, sigs, Maple characters, and booster packs if you need any.





[spoiler=Banned]No one!!! Lets keep it that way




[spoiler=Employee's]creator man, CheesyMaster






[spoiler=Shopper of the month!!!]



















Everyone! We Have a special Buy one get one free Discount through the time period of Jan-March 12th 2009




[spoiler=PPL who gets discounts]Shinyblade,creator man, captin rex

These people get a 1-2 point discount on all merchandise.




[spoiler=new humasplices]Well I now sell half human half pokemon splices!!!

Examples: dyodhx.png




[spoiler=Humasplice order form]Name of Human:ex. Trainer Girl

Trainer Boy


Name of pokemon:ex Darkrai, Pikachu

Costs: 3 points


[spoiler=Buy Sigs, click here!]Costs 2-5 points. depends on difficulty




[spoiler=Order form]Name:Enter your name.Color:What color u want your name in.Theme:what you want in the background



[spoiler=Booster packs]Costs 2-3 points.




[spoiler=Order form]Card Name: Type in the name of the pack.

Color:What color you want your words?

Picture:Enter the picture URL

5Ds or Normal: Do you want a 5Ds pack or a normal pack.



[spoiler=Maple chars]Costs 3 Points and 1 rep point



[spoiler=Order form + Example]

Job of Char=Mage, Warrior, Pirate, Theif, Bowman

Monster=Yes or no





[spoiler=Pokemon splices]Examples http://i393.photobucket.com/albums/pp17/kor34nboy/GeoCute.png Costs 3-9 points depends on difficulty




[spoiler=Order form]Name of pokemon spliced :limit 3 pokemon:

Recouler:Do you wnt recouler






[spoiler=employment form]Name:Your name

Specialties:What tech stuff you can do.

If you want to be worker, plz pay 1 point to me.



[spoiler=How to get discounts]There are 2 ways

1.PM me and buddy request me

2.Be a shopper of the month



And these are examples of my booster pack and sig.

[spoiler=Booster pack example]paladinsGlorypack.jpg



Example of my sig is on the bottom of the page!!! The sig won't be as cool as mine though!!!

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