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My first digimon recolors[animation included]


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Not my first recolors


my first digimon recolors


i did 5 of them last night, the last two this morning



My first [crap]






4..colors from skull on head.




6. I found a black and red metalgreymon...i added the color to the metal on it...and the horns, nails,



7. My favorite..grimmon...took forever.



My first ever Recolor Animation



Number 8


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Really there isn't much I can say bad about these. Your recolored pretty Ok. It's not like it's hard or anything so don't take this complement like I'm saying you're the best ever. There are a few small errors I believe. Hard to say since I"m not familiar with these sprites. Zoomed in I can find what seem to be pixels that aren't not recolored. Lik in some reds parts I'll find a weird brown pixel or two. For example on 4 you have some borders that don't look right at all on the gray. 7 has this weird red/tan like color on the shading of the reds spots on its tail. 8 Has brown borders, like on the head thing, or the side claws.

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I see what you mean once i zoom back in.

i actually forgot about the borders once i recolored from lightest to dark on each of the sprites.


The majority of the greymon recolors start at a orange base

the 1st one has a white body originally.

the number 8 is originally a white body, with yellow details.

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