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Moogles Scratch Sprite


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Well, it's kind of disapointing to see that no one appreciated these. I mean I know how it feels to have your stuff ignored. If it doesn't have Pokemon in its title it's like no one cares. Also surprising no one cared, I thought the general conclusion on Moogles was they are cute and awesome. You'd think at least one or two final fantasy fanboys would take notice.


Now I'm not saying your stuff is perfect or anything, they have plenty of flaws. For starters at glance it doesn't look like you have any shading. I can tell that you do though, but it's just a tad too light. Try lightning up the light areas a little, and darkening the dark areas a little. A tad more contrast would maybe help a good about. This mainly only applies to the moogle's skin tone, but also to that chef hat.


The arms and legs could also maybe be made a little more plump, or even round. They seem awkwardly skinny. Then again there have been so many different styles of moogles over the year that a small thing like this could just be viewed as style choice.


Antennae could use some work. I don't like how it's coming straight out at 135 degree angle. A little bit of a curve would be nice.


As far as shading in terms of light source, it's fine on the moogle for the most part. I don't quite like how the stomach is shaded, the shape of the light spot seems off to me. Half your props though don't seem to have the same light source. The plan seems to have light coming from the right. The shading on the stone/bag thing is really off, almost like it's shading is reversed. The helmet and spear also have the shading coming from the left.


I don't know if you meant the giant mixing pot to be round or not. If you meant for it to look oblonged, good job. If you didn't, you need to work on it. The chef also could stand to be a few pixels shorter I think.


The bow is hard to see, but that's understandable. I can't really think of a way to fix it.

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